Bhabhi And Cousin Sister

Welcome friends, I’ m Surya (nice name) I am regular reader of ISS site. This is my first story I am write here please don’t mind my mistakes. I am from Bangalore, it happened when I was 21. The story consist of two that is first is bhabhi (my brother friends wife) and another is my cousin sister.

The story start now first I will tell about bhabhi how I enjoyed. This name is Shatya has a sexy structure of 32-28-36 slim in weight and height is 5.2. Our family and bhabhi family were gone to temple about 60kms to temple by bus. Bhabhi has been newly married on that time when going we are comfortable and we got a seat.

While come back the bus was filled, to change a bus we should go for 10kms what why we have to go in that bus only. I am the younger in our group that why there told me that come in front side.

I was standing in front of a bhabhi only. The bus was filled bhabhi was cannot to stand also in that rush bus. She is in my back only this boobs was in my back I can feel this breath this nipple where pinching me like a rock hard. I was getting erotic in my pants none of them cannot see me in that rush bus. I unzip my pant and I put my lund outside and masturbate in rush bus only.

Afterwards the bus was near to our change place that we have live that bus. After that we had gone to another bus to our place. I was started to masturbate daily think that I am fuck her.

I had many dreams to fuck her one day my mom dad and brother went for a function. She was came to see my mom I was lying down in a bed and thinking how to fuck her she came to my room ask what happened, why I was sleep I told her that I have pain in my stomach she told me that have u taken medicine for that I told here that by medicine pain will not go for me better to apply oil to stomach I ask she was agreed so I told here that change a dress to night gown saree will gets a oil I told her according to my plan it was going.

After she came near to me and told remove your shirt on that time I was only in my shorts only. She was applying a oil to my stomach his soft hands by a touch I started to get honey in shorts my lund was rock hard by seeing that see was naught smile in here face. She told me I have am also having pain I asking here she told me by showing her pussy.

I slowly put my hand on thigh over her night gown and started to move my hand over her thigh slowly I moved my hand started to caresses her boobs over her night gown she was got horny allowed me to continue slowly I made her lie down near me and kneaded her breasts. I got up and went above her and started to kiss her lips we lip kissed for nearly 15min.

Then I removed her night gown she was wearing a white bra and black panty. I started to press her boobs over her bra. I removed her bra completely and i had the most beautiful sight. I started to play wit her boobs and kneaded it hard and sucked it. She let out a moan “ahahhhhh, I sucked her boobs hard and put my hands over her pussy. Her panty was wet wit pre cum. I slowly slide my hands through her panty and and touched her clit.

I started t finger fuck her and suck her boobs. She was getting very horny and going mad then i removed her panty and saw her pussy which had very little hairs. I started to lick her pussy her clit was very wet and smelled sexy. I started to suck her pussy lips and she started pushing me inside her pussy. I tongue fucked her for nearly 15 min .Then she came on top of me and removed my shorts. She played with my cock for sometime.

Then I started to push my cock into her cunt at first she started to cry out in pain then I stopped moving in when she became normal again i started pushing hard she started caressing my back and I began to fuck her fast and furious. Within 10 min she cum. I didn’t stop fucking and continued for 30m and ejaculated my cum into her pussy. I just laid down on her started to suck her boobs and nipples. The bedsheets was wet with cum and blood then we cleaned the bed and got ready. I was planning to fuck her ass.

But She was getting ready to go home it was a time 3.30pm her husband will come home around 4.30pm. But I am not satisfied of sex that why I told here that come to a bed but she ignore me I hold here hand like a rape I remove this saree she was in naked boby . I rotate her back and I putted my cock in this ass hole.

She has tiny ass hole because his husband not used that ass hole. I put oil on my cock I was pushing my cock in and out. She was creaming loudly of the pain “ahahaaaaa hmmmm hmm uhuhhhh” I fucked her hard and cummed in her ass. Aft ward she gone to her house while going his leg was not in straight way.

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