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My Stallion, My Mate Chapter 02

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Thank You and Enjoy.

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She Had To Have Him

Sandra and I were on the base I was stationed at and one day we were walking near the BX and her mouth almost feel open. “My god, he is so hot.” she said and I looked and there was a good looking Captain at the registers getting ready to leave. I went over and saw his name tag and later checked up and found he was a Doctor at the base clinic. Sandra said, “Oh damn, please get me in to see him and you come with me.” I told her okay and the next week she had an appointment for “general engery” problems. I had asked for the doctor by name and they set it up.

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The Raid on Kadhir Pets


The sudden surge in the awareness of Animal Rights in the Indian Subcontinent was mainly due to a popular film actress taking interest and forming an activist group. Her group once ransacked a prestigious research laboratory at Hyderabad and forcibly released forty eight monkeys that had been kept for medical research, an incident that made headline news and provided unprecedented popularity for the actress and her group. With yet another celebrity female from the political arena joining in, animal rights movement became fashionable activity in the country, with activist groups springing up in many cities. The action of one such group in the South-Indian city of Coimbatore forms the theme of this story.

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Jen big black bang

Hi my names Jen and I just turned 18 . A little more about myself I still go to highschool
like to think im in pretty decent shape . I have brown hair 34 d breasts , I guess thats why the guys
try and get at me all the time . Well my freind cindy shes 17 had met a few guys , we never really hanged out
with black dudes . They were a little older , and I dident do anything bad. I drank ocasionally but anyhow while
we were at the mall and we met them.

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My Wife’s Surprise

NOTE: This is fiction and my fantasy of a perfect wife.

Lonley Wife Goes Looking For Fun

Mary woke up frustrated after yet another romantic evening fell short of her expectations. Her husband was once a stud until recent years. Greg was average sized, but knew how to make Mary squeal. Unfortunately sounds such as those haven’t come from their bedroom in several months.

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