First Experience With Neighborhood Aunty

Hi readers! I am Santhose from chennai. I am a regular reader of this site I have read a lot of experience so I decided to post my first experience, I am 5. 6 in height and a fair looking guy currently I am doing my pg in Chennai. The incident happened just before two months with my sexy neighborhood aunt Usha. I have been watching many blue films from school days but I have not got any chance and I do not have any guts. Please send me your comments any aunties or girls in Chennai interested can mail me at Coming to the story we rented our next position of our house to family who stays more than 3years. This family consists of 3 members. Husband, Wife and school going kid. Her husband is a business man who always fights with her and heavy drinker. He runs an electrical shop. Aunty use to be alone in-house she come to talk with my mother in afternoon time mostly. In the beginning I won’t speak that much with her. After a year she became very close to our family. Things have been going like this. She started to move freely to us because there will be no one in the afternoon so she come every day for chat. Now I will tell you about her. Her name is Usha 34 years old. Her size was 32-30-36. Imagine the figure of her. The special thing in her was her boobs and buttocks which was very big in size. It was my semester holidays I was in the house mostly in watching TV and in Pc. In afternoon time there will be current off so she use to come our house to chat with my mother. I use to play with her kid I became a good friend to her. One day I was playing Carrom board in my house she came and told she like playing Carrom from that day onwards we use to play Carrom in veranda during afternoon time. I use to see her structure clearly because she will be playing opposite to me. I stare at her often and enjoying like that going. One day my parents have let me alone went for function in native place who will return in two days. My usha aunty came while my parents moving.

She said u can have food in my house don’t eat out. Morning went simply. Afternoon around 12 30 suddenly I heard the calling bell when I went I saw it was usha aunty. By seeing me she said that she came to give food for me. I had lunch and current off around 2pm so I went usha aunty house to play Carrom. We both sat and started playing while playing often she bend down to take sticker and coins at that time I saw her boobs which was like huge mango. I never expected that she would have got such a big boobs I was admiring her body suddenly she saw and asked what u looking. I felt shame but became bold too and said her you are looking beautiful in blue sarree. She asks me whether I like her I said yes, very much. She came close to me and said me too like you very much I was in joy inside but afraid to make a move. She came near and touches my hand. She told she like having sex but her husbands is drinking always and use to sleep simply soon after dinner. She told her husband never likes her often fight with her for small things. She also told that she never had sex for past 2 years she was became sad. I was shock to hear her bold words from her. She asked me can you help me and kisses my cheeks and she went to lock the door and came and hugged me. I was waiting for this opportunity I started kissing her lips and pressing her ass simultaneously. We started to kiss each other. Our tongue was rolling in each other’s mouth. After 10minutes I slowly moved down to her left boobs she herself removed her sarree and blouse. I pressed her bra and lifted it up and opened her bra. Now she was only wearing her pavadai. . I put the hand on the right breast and squeezed both boobs together and my cock was trying to burst through my pants. I sucked her nipple very hard she was just scrolling my head hairs and making noises uumm aaahh. After that I came little down to her naval by inserting my tongue I starts to play there. I like her naval very much and kissing licking playing there for a long time.

I pulled her pavadai and pushed my head towards her pussy, at the time I saw her pussy which was filled with hair and her pussy was wet. I sucked it. It was very nice I rotated my tongue through her pussy she started giving sounds oooyaaaa aauuu ahh. Then she asked me to insert my cock into hers by the time my cock was in full position to enter when I enter my cock into a women pussy for the first time I feel something great in my body when I inserted my cock she was making some noise then she started to kissing my lips and she asked me to fuck harder as I can she shouted “fuck me harder my pussy” I fucked harder as much as I can at same time playing with her boobs and we were kissing simultaneously. Within short time I cummed into her pussy since it was my first time. She asked how it was I said superb I am happy then I said my wish to fuck in her ass, she said that from now I am yours you can do whatever you want. On that day itself I fucked her and cummed more than 5times into her pussy. From that day onwards we are fucking at least 3 times in a week. I hope you have enjoyed my story. Please send me your comments any aunties or girls in Chennai who interested in sex or want sex chat just mail me at

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