Guy losing virginity to neighbourhood aunty

I have been a regular with humandigest for quite a long time. The stories are great and I enjoy them like most of the readers. I am putting my story here which happened ten years ago. I lost myself to this lady who taught me sex. I was staying with my grandparents in kottayam and this lady was my neighbour. My friends used to tell me that I could get her if I approached directly.

I tried a couple of times and it did not work as I thought. Once I was fixing the fuse in their home at evening and she called her mother to the room with her. I couldn’t touch her or talk naughty. The plans to seduce her backfired all the time. She had a daughter who was studying in tenth standard. It so happened that I had an argument with her and told some rubbish to her.

The next day her mom came and asked me what was the matter. I just brushed the issue and told her that I will do anything I like. Just leave me alone. A few days passed and nothing happened. Aunty had cows and goats at home. She used to go to a nearby field and pick grass for them.

One day she was walking down her house to the nearby field to get some grass for the cows. I asked her if I could come and she said ok. I walked along with her to the field. She is the mother of two, early 40s and busty. We started talking some usual stuff and all of a sudden she asked me why I told her daughter like that.

I was taken aback; I gave some excuse and tried changing the conversation. Aunty asked me if any girlfriends and watched porn had. I told her I fantasize her every day. She was laughing when she heard that. I told her I never had sex, I only watch them on VCD. After sometime I left her and went home.

That afternoon I went to her house. Her mother in law was taking a nap and she was cleaning her room. I went inside and hugged her. She tried to push me off as someone might come. I ran my fingers through her boobs. She held my penis and told me to meet at night. I was so excited to hear that. I waited till 11pm, by that time all the lights in her house went off.

I slowly made my way to her house. Jessie aunty had opened one of her windows and told me to knock twice if I came there. I slowly jumped the wall and reached her window. I gave the signal. She asked me to come towards the back door. She opened the door without making any noise and led me into her room. Her husband and son were sleeping in the next room.

On the other side of the house her daughter and mother in law. I was shivering while I got in her room. Getting caught at that time was scary and unimaginable. Aunty pulled down her bed on the floor as having sex on the bed might wake her husband or mother in law. I was little disappointed with that but what she did was right.

We slowly lied down and kissed each other for some time. Slowly removed her nighty and skirt a kissed her. I ran my tongue inside her and sucked her saliva. I put my fingers in her hairy pussy and fingered her for some time. This was the first time for me and aunty sensed it. I removed her bra and her let her boobs loose. They were 38D. I cupped them and sucked her nipples.

I squeezed her other boob while sucking one. Aunty liked it and started moaning softly. She held my head into her boobs and I just sucked both of them. Then I got up and undressed for her. She took my 6inch tool and kissed it. She gently licked the head and started to suck. I was on high when she sucked me. I made her to come in 69. Aunty was on top of me.

I slowly licked her pussy. It was hairy and wet after fingering. With few mins she came in my mouth. It tasted something different but I went along with sucking her. Since it was new for me I made her sit on her bed and sucked her for a long time. Then I went on top and she guided me inside her. it went inside smoothly because she was wet.

I slowly started pumping inside her. She put her legs around me and drew me closed to her. It was difficult to hump her with those legs for the first time. I started to pump her fastly. Aunty started to moan and had her orgasm quickly. I got excited and kept going. After 5 mins I came inside her with loads of semen leaking down her pussy lips. I lost my virginity to jessie aunty.

She got up and cleaned my penis and started sucking it again for the second round. We had three rounds that night and I went home at 3am. For the next few days we had fun through the night. No one in my area got to know about this. I had to move on to study in Bangalore and could only meet her during my vacation. It was one of the best sex I had.

Whenever I go to my house in kottayam I meet her and have a chat. Her children have grown up and it’s not possible to have sex anymore. I live in Bangalore now and practice as a physiotherapist here. Not been so lucky here.

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Guy losing virginity to neighbourhood aunty

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