Hidden Aunt Sex

Hi, I don’t want to waste any time like others by describing my prick size and muscularity and well I am only an average man. So here is the event or its still happening. It was holidays again I was all alone at home. Guys you know how it’s like to be alone at a home. So here is what I usually do surf internet so to say watch porn. I was left ‘high’ after watching this kind of stuff.

Now something to say about my room and my room was upstairs. I keep my computer near windows for obvious reason through this window I could see next house backside but nobody was living their. They were all settled in US and so even though I opened the window, I keep my curtain down but I was always dreaming about someone to occupy the house and maybe aunty.

I was dreaming about my imaginative aunt to work around house that I could play peeping Tom through my windows but nothing happened on one day as usual I was in front of computer and I heard someone cleaning clothes. You know they take cloths and beat it in a rock or we call it ‘mudukalle. It’s common to hear this sound around my place. So I don’t mind to looking outside but something struck me on my mind.

I thought for a moment that no one was living in that house and who could be cleaning clothes and before even I could come back to my sense the sound stopped. I immediately look between the curtain space and I don’t completely open the curtain. I only made a slit and look outside but by then she had finished cleaning and she was leaving. I could only see the backside from that view I could see she was not a servant because of her fair complexion and costly saree.

I could only see her exposed midriff though Saree from back and later I knew that they were newly rented people in that house. They were a couple and also they were Muslims and one day I was in my bike and happened to pass in front of their house and I saw the man in the house. He was in his 50’s. I lost all my hopes for Aunty because I thought she would be equally old. So as usual I was in front of computer and alone at home and horny.

I heard the sound of cleaning clothes from window. This time I don’t waste any time. I peeped through the window. To my utter disbelief what I saw was a stunning beauty. I was taken back by thought. That old man might have married her as second wife or something. I couldn’t take my eyes back. I don’t even blink my eyes .She was very fair and her stats was mouth watering because she was wearing saree I could see her milkly white belly and large beast hanging through blouse .

I feel like my head was spinning and my eyes were blacking out. If you guys had any experience before they could tell what I mean. I completely forgot about time. She finished cleaning and went back after and I came back to sense I could believe my eyes. This was exactly what I was dreaming for. So from next day I was all ready. Now I noticed her that she always wears dark colored saree which enhanced her complexion but she never showed her navel or had any intension of exposing.

The property was covered by tall walls so that no one except me could see her or entire property. So this becomes my daily routine and I stared to shag by watching her. I was thinking of my next move. I knew she was all alone at home. I was planning to seduce her and but I was lacking confidence as usual I was watching her and I could see old man working in their property. He was a bit like a mentally retarded man but he was working without noticing anything.

It was funny to notice the way he work. He was showing funny action with his face meanwhile my dream aunt was doing her work as usual after a while I noticed this man deliberately worked around the aunt whenever she come to clean cloth. Then I learned even though this man might be mentally retarded and he is an adult person. He too was getting attracted by her as days passed, I could notice that the Aunt too stared noticing the strange behavior of this man but to my surprise.

She was not angry toward this man when ever she comes out for cleaning this man was around her and pretending to work. She now started to enjoy this extra attention from this man. Moreover she knew no one could her from outside as there were tall wall around but little she knew that and I was watching whole thing. To my surprise and she started to lift her saree above her knee in the pretext of not wetting the saree when this man was around her and after seeing her milky white legs and almost cummed.

This made that man to stare at her more and but he doesn’t show any emotion on his face. I immediately realized a missed opportunity of seducing her. She was a desperate woman. It was obvious that her husband an old man couldn’t satisfy her as days past she become more confident. She purposefully wears dark colored sarees on this particular day she wore a dark bluee saree which contrasted her white skin even more.

Her bulges of milky white belly was so sexy and she lowered her saree more to show her beautiful belly even more and when ever she bent one could see here entire breast mount. I was going mad by seeing all this. Same was the matter with the worker even though he was mentally retarded I knew his organs were boiling and to make the matter worse after a while of washing and she even lowered her saree and now revealing her navel. It was round and deep I felt like spinning my head for a moment.

I felt like going down and fucking her and meanwhile she was seducing the worker by smiling at him. There was a storage room near where she was cleaning the cloth and she was now putting the washed cloth on top of the storage room for drying one by one and also smiling at the worker. I could sense something was going to happen now for a moment I thought what if the man goes violent on her and now the worker drop his tools from hand and started to work very close to her.

She was all sweating and sweat was trickling down her belly it was beyond beautiful to describe in words. I was anticipating an action at any moment because of her sexy mood she appeared to be more beautiful and appealing to me. She was continuing to seduce the worker. She was confidant that no one was watching the whole thing. Then all of a sudden and the worker came to her and she was lying cloths on top of storage place and doesn’t realized the man at her back.

The worker suddenly began to squeeze her belly. She was surprised by this sudden movement and turn back to look at him and but even though she startled a bit she didn’t protest she began to smile back at him and she was looking sexily at him. I was expecting more action now. I was sure she too needs more but for disappointment he get lose his hold and hurriedly went outside was left hot and dry. I don’t see that man any more working their.

I continue to watch her. I now knew she needs it. I slowly removed curtain and make sure she see me but I purposefully don’t watched her and but she could see me and when she came to wash cloth she saw me. I could make that with my corner of my eye. I try to be not taking care of her and on one day when I happen to pass through her house she smiled at me and asked what I was doing and invited me to house.

Her husband was also their and she introduced me to him. He was leaving for work and told to me take tea or coffee and left for office. She then told me that she saw me at the window. I tried to be polite and told her I didn’t notice her and we talked a lot and we become more intimate and she told me to visit often. Next day when I was in front of computer she called me from outside and I told her Hi and he asked about my study.

I was watching a hot movie I told her ‘doing well, I knew that game was on. I knew how desperate she was. Then she began to smile when ever she comes to wash. Now that she knew I was watching her and she asked me to come to her hose. I went backside of her house as they is only a small fence and she saw me coming through that fence and told me ‘you are an expert in jumping fence I told her she looks god in saree.she immediately told me that ‘so you are watching me.

I said yes and she smiled at me naughty ehenever she come to wash she began to seduce me by wearing transparent cloths and showing navel one day she fell down while washing . I knew she was pretending I went near her and carried her to storage place and started to massage her ankle. She was looking at me seductive. I don’t waste any time. I just removed her saree. She smelled sexy and I licked her navel it smelled like musk.

I licked her belly and slowly gone down between her legs and started parting her petals. The smell was intoxicating and I almost cum in my underwear and I licked her till she had an orgasm. Then she guided my tool to her and it was my first time. It felt like dipping my tool to a warm butter. She began to hold my tool with her vagina. Later I learned that only few women could do this and hours went by until all her face was red with blood and with a growl her eyes rolled back and she dig her nails to by back. I also cummed soon that’s was a beginning and rest in another story.

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