indian sex stories

indian sex stories is blog where all the erotic  contents are updated on daily basis. We Update all the writers content in these categories couple, desi , foriegn, gay male, girlfriend , group , incest , lesbian , maid servant , office teacher  and virgin. These are Desitales Posted by the users.

indian sex stories

indian sex stories

Indian sex Stories Info

This blog is came from the real incident happend with the people in india and some people can fatasize the sex between the other peoples and get the idea according to it. These contents are declare in such a way that its describe all the real incident happen with the peoples and they how to seduce the peoples and get fucked between by them in .

Indian sex Stories Details

In this blog all the essays  are not real most of the content are fake or fan made. But they act like these happened with them which is just to clear the reader mind. if the reader get to know that these are fake he will not go further and read the articles and whatever happend in the indian sex stories he will think as the write is just lying the incident in a real way.

Indian sex Stories News

So the latest news of the blog is the people get to read the complete essays on the daily basis. We collect all the poular articles by the reader and add it to this blog. Some article are even sended by the peoples to share the saga with the whole world.

Here are the informations to access and get to know this blog completely

We add 70 new sex stories every week. Unlike other sites where you have to go thru thousands of stories to find one good one, here at DesiTales each Indian story is carefully selected from only among the top rated stories from ISS


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