Me my daughter and her Best friend.

I've been a workaholic all my adult life, so things  sometime happen around my home that I miss. Like my wife  sleeping with my less ambitious coworkers and even my  little brother on occasions. My kids were teenagers  before I finally walked in on my wife entertaining two  of my "friends" one Saturday when I left work early.  

The divorce was typical and neither of my kids had much  sympathy for me. So, I got to see them on every other  weekend and on alternating holidays. I'm not alone in  that nightmare so I'll just continue with the story.  My sixteen-year-old son absolutely refused to have  anything to do with me outside the divorce decree  requirements, but my fourteen-year-old daughter would  stop by now and then, usually when she needed some extra  money or was mad at her mom. The most resent episode  between the two of them was over my daughter's wishes to  attend private school with her best friend. 
Her visit  this weekend was to plead with me to cough up an  additional $  500.00 a month to pay for tuition. Like  $  2000.00 a month child support for the two of them wasn't  enough to go along with the house and car and medical  insurance premiums. 
 Today, her friend Angela was with her, all dressed up in  her school uniform. You know the kind; blue plaid skirt  and white shirt with white socks and little lace-up black  shoes. I had to admit, Angela looked pretty cute. Then,  when she sat down on the couch across from me and that  skirt slid half way up her tanned thighs, she looked  "real" cute. It was then that I noticed Angela didn't  believe in bras. Little brown areoles were showing  through the material of her white shirt and the air  conditioning in my apartment had those little nipples  sticking straight out after coming inside from the 95- degree summer weather.  "Daddy!" Laura kept saying, "Are you listening to me?" I  turned back to my daughter who had been telling me the  advantages of private school, but she didn't need to go  any further. Looking back at Angela, I smiled and said  that she had convinced me, and yes, I would fork up the  additional money.  
Laura came over and hugged me and I  watched Angela scoot forward on the couch to get up. The  skirt practically went up to hips and as she stood, I got  a full crotch shot of those skimpy white panties the kids  liked so much. I liked them too now.  The new school term started the very next week, and the  weekend before was my turn to have the kids. David begged  off, needing to attend some football camp, but Laura was  knocking at my door ten minutes after I got home Friday  night. Angela was with her, still dressed in her school  uniform. They both had overnight bags and Laura asked if  Angela could spend the night. "Absolutely," was my reply,  as they walked into Laura's room. "I want to show you my  uniform," Laura called over her shoulder as I sat back  down in my chair.  When they came back into the room, both girls now wore  the blue plaid skirts and white shirts, but they were  both bare footed. I had my eyes on Angela until Laura  spun around doing little pirouettes making her skirt fly  up a little, asking me how I thought she looked. For the  first time in my life I looked at her as a young woman  and not my daughter. 
I had never thought about it, but  dressed alike, Laura and Angela could pass for twins, or  at least sisters. Laura came over and sprawled across my  lap to kiss me and thank me for the private school  tuition. She laid her head on my shoulder and I kissed  her on the cheek, noticing as I looked down that she too  had chosen to wear no bra during this uniform modeling  session. Her young tits were smaller than Angela's but  the nipples were clearly visible and clearly erect. As we  hugged, I looked over at Angela who had sat on the floor  with her legs crossed, giving me a clear view up her  skirt.  She was looking me right in the eyes and I was  certain she knew exactly what she was doing.  I suggested that Laura ought to change out of the uniform  and keep it fresh for next week. As she went back to her  room she told Angela that she was going to take a bath  before starting whatever it was they had planned.  Angela  called after her to take her time and as soon as Laura  was gone, She came over and sat in my lap the same way  Laura had. "I want to thank you too for letting Laura go  to school with me" she said. With both her arms wrapped  around my neck, she sat up and straddled me. "My dad  likes it when I sit like this on his lap" 
she said. "Is  it okay?"
 I ran both my hands up her smooth young thighs  and gripped her butt, my erection now firmly planted  between our bodies.  "What else does your daddy like?" I asked her  breathlessly.  Unbuttoning her blouse, she pulled the tail of the blouse  out of her skirt and opened it wide to reveal two  beautiful teacup boobies with nipples standing at  attention. "He likes to lick and suck on these," she  said.  I complied with her suggestion and took first one then  the other between my teeth and tongue, gently pulling  them away from her breasts. As she reached down and  unzipped my pants, I moved both my hands between her legs  and pulled her panties to one side, gently stroking her  vagina with my fingertips. She was starting to get wet  and I looked down to notice that she had a nice little  patch of very fine pubic hair starting to show on the top  of her cunt.  As pulled the panties to the side she moved closer to me  holding my cock in her hands and pointing it towards her  pussy opening. She inched closer and raised her hips just  a little and guided the end of my dick inside her.  I  knew this was wrong but I adjusted myself down further in  the chair and pulled her closer to me, at the same time  pushing my cock deeper inside that luscious little mound  of hers. "You're much bigger than my dad," she said. "I  like it."  I leaned down to suck on her nipples again and she moved  her hands to the back of my head, moaning in my ear as  our rhythm increased and the end of my cock began  touching spots deep within her. "Oh God, you're big" she  kept saying as I continued to fuck my daughter's best  friend. Her panties were starting to rub my cock so I  reached down and pulled them aside and at the same time  massaged her clitoris with a fingertip. Almost  immediately she pulled my hair and bit into my neck as  she moaned deeply and pushed harder against me. 
I started  to cum myself and pulled my face up to kiss her on the  mouth. We tried to swallow each other's tongues as we  moaned and jerked through a simultaneous climax that left  her pussy full of cum and dripping wet ooze onto my  shorts and pants.  Before we had even finished our final few strokes, I  heard the bathroom door open and Laura called out that  she would like a Coke. As she stepped into the living  room, she almost stumbled as she saw her best friend  straddled her father and moaning in ecstasy. I looked  over at her but couldn't say anything since I was still  finishing up my last spurt of cum into Angela's pussy. We  both just collapsed, Angela's head on my chest and looked  toward Laura.  "Well," she coughed, "it looks like you two could use  something to drink yourselves." She brought us each a  Coke and then disappeared into her room.  Angela got up  and followed her and I heard the door shut. I was  stunned. Not only had I just fucked a fourteen-year-old  girl, but my fourteen-year-old daughter had caught me in  the act. Fear, panic and confusion filled my head as I  sat there with my cock still sticking out my pants. I  looked down and realized that I had cum and pussy juice  all over me, so I stood up and went to the laundry room  to dispose of my pants. I stripped naked and pulled on  pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt from the stack of clean  clothes, then went back to the living room and sat back  down in my chair. Nothing but quiet could be heard from  my daughter's room.  I must have sat there forty-five minutes pondering how I  was going to get out of this one when I heard the door to  her room open and both girls came back into the living  room. 
I dropped the empty Coke can when I saw that Laura  was now wearing her school uniform. Both girls looked at  me with smiles on their faces as Laura spoke. "Did you  like our surprise, daddy" she said. I looked from her  eyes to Angela's and just dropped my lower jaw in a  surprised look. "Angela and I are best friends, dad.  She's been telling me about how her dad likes to fuck her  for over a year. Today, it's my turn to see how much fun  it is to fuck my father. I knew you wouldn't do it if it  was just the two of us, but now that I've caught you with  Angela, you have to do me too!"  Both girls kneeled in front of my chair and started  rubbing the leg closest to them. Their hands quickly went  passed my knees and I had four hands massaging my thighs  on the inside and outside. My cock grew to its full size  in a matter of seconds and soon was sticking out the end  of my pants on Laura's side. "I told you it was big,"  Angela said. "Let's pull his shorts off."  I raised my butt up and they pulled the gym shorts down  and flipped them onto the floor beside them. Angela  climbed up my leg and took the end of my cock in her  mouth, wrapping both hands around its length and stroking  me as she sucked on the tip. After a few seconds she  stopped and told Laura to suck her dad's cock. My eyes  met Laura's as she reached up and put the end of it in  her mouth, her eyes never leaving my gaze. Angela still  held onto the shaft with one hand as Laura slowly moved  back and forth on my cock. Now both girls had a hand  wrapped around the shaft and they took turns putting the  tip in their mouths. Each girl had straddled one of my  legs and I brought my feet up to rub against their  crotches. Neither was wearing panties. Two fourteen-year- old girls dressed in blue plaid skirts and cotton blouses  straddling my legs and sucking my cock. I was delirious.  For several minutes I allowed the girls to share my dick  as I moved my legs and feet up and down between their  thighs. Finally, Angela stopped and said that it was time  Laura fucked her dad. She helped Laura unbutton her  blouse and pulled the tails out from the skirt and opened  the blouse to expose Laura's small breasts. 
They were  small but delicious looking as Laura climbed into my lap,  straddling me just as Angela had done. I took her nipples  in my fingers and leaned down to lick them. Laura took my  cock in both her hands and guided me into her pussy as  she rose up and sat down on my entire length. I gasped as  she squeezed both my shoulders with her fingers and dug  the nails into the same spots Angela had used. Our bodies  started moving in a smooth rhythm and she leaned forward  to kiss me. The kiss was hot and wet and our tongues  pushed against each other as we both tried to fuck the  other into submission. Because I had already cum earlier  with Angela, I was able to continue for almost twenty  minutes before I even started to feel more cum rise up in  my balls.  "Baby, how did you learn to do this so good?" I asked  Laura. "Daddy, we've been doing this with Angela's father  for over a year" she said. My mind pictured some other  man fucking my little girl and I immediately exploded.   She felt it happen and kissed me immediately and started  bucking against my legs with complete abandon. I shot so  much cum that it gushed out of her little pussy and  poured down on my crotch. Laura jumped off me and both  girls immediately went back to alternating their sucking  routine cleaning up any remaining cum and licking me  clean. As they squeezed my cock, I could only hold each  of their heads by the hair and beg them not to stop.  "Don't worry, dad," Laura said. "We've just started." 

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