Mom’s Show for Son

My wife was raised in a very conservative family and because she was concerned with being a "good girl", our sex life was very infrequent and boring. About five years ago, I put my foot down and told her that for the sake of our marriage, we needed to work on our sex life. We discussed her issues and she slowly started to change. I got her to lose weight and dress sexy. I got her to buy into more variety and the woman who avoided sex started playing with the sex toys I bought her, watching sexy movies with me and having disceet public sex. Although it hasn’t happened yet, she has gone from "no way" on a MFM threesome to saying she would go along with it if the circumstances were right.

My wife has a very nice body. She’s blonde and fit, with great curves. Although she’s an A/B cup, her breasts are very nice and still firm after the kids.

We were on a trip with the family at a hotel and ended up having to all bunk in the same room with two queen size beds. Our teenage son was in the other bed.

My wife normally sleeps nude except for panties, but since this was a family trip, I expected her to sleep in her pajamas. I was surprised when she stripped down to panties once she was under the covers. The fabric of the panties at her waist was so thin, it felt like a G string and I found myself getting horny and wanting to fuck her right there.

Normally, I sleep on the side of any bed that would face the bed in which my son was sleeping. But, I told my wife that it felt uncomfortable and so we switched.

I had a restless night of sleep because I was horny. As the sun came up, a slit in the curtains let in just enough light so that everything could be seen in a shadowy grey light.

I stirred a little bit and my wife woke up. We kissed and she could feel my hard-on against her bottom. My son appeared to be sleeping and was facing our bed and his mom. Despite this,to my surprise, my wife asked me in a whisper whether I wanted to fuck!

We were spooning, so I slowly lowered her panties down and she kicked them off. I licked my fingers to stroke her pussy, but she was already a little bit wet, so I justed lifted her leg and entered her from the back.

As I began stroking her, I slowly lowered the oovers. Pretty soon, the covers were down just below her waist and she was totally exposed to my son who still appeared to be asleep. I cupped her moving breast and played with her nipples while I fucked her and then moved my hand to finger her shaved clit.

The load I put in her was huge because of the excitement of fucking my totally exposed wife in front of my son with her going along with it. When we were done, she got out of the bed in front of him with her legs pressed together to stop the cum, but I could still see a thin line going down the inside of her thigh as she walked away.

After she finished cleaning herself up, she came out of the bathroom to get some clothes. Again, I expected the pjs or a towel, but she walked all the way across the room totally nude. This totally surprised me and was a complete turn on. She has a great body and the sight of her smooth, curvy body would have been a turn on to our son.

I don’t know if he was awake during what happened, but if he was, he would have liked it. He’s always been very horny like me. He’s been extremely well-endowed since he was young. It will never happen, but it’s still turn on to think of him enjoying his mother like I do.

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