Priyanka’s Beautiful Treat Ends My Long Desire

Guys, the story is little long but please read it completely, because it takes u into another world and u will really enjoy it. If any girls interested, first read the story fully and then mail me to

Coming to the story, I am Rajesh, age 25, tall, good looking guy from Tamilnadu, working in Bangalore. This incident happened about a month ago in Chennai. I am a shy , soft and somewhat reserved type, so that I don’t have girlfriends. In my school days, I often talk to girls- only regarding subject wise. So apart from this I have nothing to talk with them. But I enjoy looking at beautiful girls and wanna be friend of them, but I can’t. So these feelings came with me from the schooldays onwards. I thought to fulfill my wish of having few girlfriends in my college. Unfortunately, my college life was not so beautiful and the desires continued without ending.

I finished my B.E. in first class with good percentage, but I don’t want to get job immediately. So I quit searching job for a couple of years and enjoyed going tours, attending relatives functions, wandering my town and bla, bla,bla… After this wherever I go, most of them asked me about my job, I don’t know why most of the people were so concerned about this.

My wish is I don’t want to lead a pre-planned life, like what the machines do, instead of realistic which I believe in. Now years passed and its time for a job, I started in searching a good job which suits me. But it tooks me hard to get and I like that, so until that I like to go with my friend’s office in Chennai. Since it is a KPO, the job is very fine and simple. The life goes easy with this but I didn’t expect that this is the place where I am going to meet my dream girl.

My team is very small and there is no beautiful girl . So I started looking other departments. There are enough girls and most of them are beautiful. Since I am a shy type of talking with girls, I can’t go friendly with them. But my job makes me to speak with them, only officially.
Things going like this and I am simply working. After a couple of weeks, I saw a girl just opposite to my cabin. She attracted me very much. So I started looking at her whenever I cross her bay.

After a week, while I was working, a girl came to our team. She came to my senior who was sitting left to me for a doubt clarification. I casually looked to check who is that, the first thing I met was her lips, such a beautiful and rosy lips. Just while returning only I looked her face, oh my god, it was her, who attracted me that I usually look in the opposite cabin. That beautiful lips belongs to her. It was the first sight, I met her so closely. I was totally lost. I don’t know anything about her, I like to know her name. Since I am new to the office, I don’t want to ask my senior or my team-mates. Before returning she signed in the remarks note. So I took that to find her.

I got her name, Priyanka, so cute and beautiful, even stylish and sexy too. Her body is simply sexier with her golden mixed white skin. Her stats are 37-30-38. She totally disturbed me because she was so beautiful than others and not only that, she is tall like me. She has a style and always come in loose hair which was long and thick. Her smile, actually I lost in that which was sexy and beautiful. Whenever she smiles, it resembles south actress richa to me. Also she looks like Actress Jyothika and Twilight actress. But she is not fat and not lean and she fulfilled the qualities of my dream girl. She is the perfect girl for me that I like to present her my virginity.

I was thinking of how to start speaking with her. Somehow I managed to get near her but things happening against me. My team was shifted to first floor, I was totally upset with this. But I got chances to see her at the break time and in lunch. At the break time, I go to canteen and straightaway sit opposite to her table where she usually chat with her friends. I start looking at her lustfully. This continued everyday. Often she looks at me. I always come in the shift in which she comes.

After few days, I saw her in my floor, I thought that she might come for clarifications but I came to know that her team was also shifted to my floor. I was so happy, she was opposite to my bay but there are 4 bays in between us. Not to worry about this, I am tall and I can easily look at her by sitting straight in my chair itself. Whenever I come in night shift, I wait in the morning to see her. One day when I was coming down from the stairs, she and her friend was waiting near the door expecting somebody. I realised that she is not having her ID card as she left that in her seat itself, so I went near her, without asking anything, I opened the door with my card. After entering she thanked me with her beautiful smile. I was flying in the air.

I went to my seat and started my work, while crossing , I again looked at her, she too looks at me. I saw a lust in her eyes. It was very very sexy. But chances are very less for me to speak with her. After a month I heard that she was going to resign. My friends said that she has a boyfriend, she has been engaged and going to get marry but I don’t believe in what my friends said. I decided to speak and show my interests on her before she leave.

After a week, I was on leave and went for an interview. On the next day, my friends said that she had come yesterday in sari as it was her last day. I can’t believe this, I just met my dream girl and now I missed her. I tried to find her but it failed. It hurts me a lot, I don’t like to look some other girl because she was perfect to me. On the next day I got selected in the interview. So I left the job immediately and went to Bangalore for the new job. I got my offer letter. There are 2 months to join. So my friends asked me for the treat.

I returned Chennai from my home which is near to Bangalore. I asked my friends to come to velachery KFC on Sunday evening. I started from my friend’s room and went early. My friends said that they would be late and reach in one hour. So I started waiting in the coffee shop opposite to KFC. I sat on an empty table and started reading a magazine. Ten minutes passed, a girl was talking in phone and sat opposite in the table. I was surprised to see Priyanka. She didn’t notice me, after ending up her call, she looks me. She too surprised to see me. She smiled. I don’t know what to speak. My heart is bouncing with full of crackers. This is the right time and last opportunity, speak with her, a voice ordered inside my heart.

I said “Hi!”
“Hi”- she replied.
“I didn’t expect you here, how r u?”
“Ya. 5n. what about u? how is our office?”- she asked.

I said that I left that office and got a new job in Bangalore. She wished me and asked why I am waiting here. I said that I came for giving treat for my friends. I asked why she left the job. She said all about that, she also got new job in Chennai itself. I requested her to join the treat.

“No Rajesh. It’s ok. U enjoy with ur friends”- Priyanka

“Y Priyanka? Are u worried about my friends?”- I said. She said nothing , so I said, “Otherwise I give u the treat before my friends reach here, would u like this offer?”

She smiled and said, “If I take this offer, u have to take my treat for my job.”

I said Ok for that and and we went to a Chinese restaurant nearby. I ordered chicken noodles and friend chicken for both of them. We both were talking about our likes, job, family, etc., all these time I watched only her eyes and lips. She was so cute and her voice was very sweet and sexy to hear.

She was in my favourite costume- pink coloured tops and blue jean. Her smile makes me go crazy. Her perfume makes my temptation high. Her cleavage was very sexy to her pink tops. I can’t take my eyes from her lips and cleavage. She noticed that and smiled sexily. After having the treat. I said, “Thanks for coming.”

“Thank u very much for the treat, but u have to wait for my turn.”
“Sure. But not today, my friends are waiting.”
“I know that, I will tell u later about that.”

We exchanged our mobile numbers and she left .

I went with my friends to KFC then.

On the next morning she called me and invited her to her home. I reached the velachery bus-stand by 6.30 pm. She came in her scooty and took me to her home. The house was simply beautiful. I entered into the house. She said that her parents went to her relative’s function and will come tommorrow. Once she said this, my horny feelings started to awake. I sat on the sofa and had some normal chit-chats. After 20 minutes, she asked me to watch T.V. so that she could make arrangements for the dinner. I was watching Telugu Billa movie which had anushka’s hot scenes.

The sizzling scenes make me hot very much. I was thinking about Priyanka to Anushka’s scenes. Her hot cleavage, milky hot thighs and round ass mirrored in front of me. After 30 minutes, she asked me to come dining hall. I was surprised to see her in sari. Oh…what a girl, she wore see-thru red sari, she was damn hot, sexy, gorgeous and beautiful. I think she was well prepared for the fun to be happen now.
“Priyanka your so beautiful in this dress and sexy too…”

“Thanks. Hav a seat”. I sat, she served. I asked her to sit and we served each other. The food was very tasty, she had made crispy chicken and biriyani. I also complimented her for the food. We started to look each other, there is a silence all over the hall. She smiled sexily, which started my manhood rise. I felt uncomfortable, she laughed secretly.

“I knew u always look at me when we work in the office!”- she said.
“Y u always look at me, rajesh…?”- she added.
“…Because…..u… r…so sexy and beautiful..” – I said.
“What u look in me?”
“Rajesh, be open and frank. There’s nobody here… ”
“Ur lips, which gives sexy smile”
“Only the smile anh..?”- her smile sparked.

“No Priyanka, not only d smile. Everything…i like everything with u. I always fantazise about u Priyanka, once u left the office, I felt very bad. I miss u very much Priyanka.”, I said emotionally and hold her hands.

“Rajesh, in fact I also interested on u. U look me lustfully, without bothering others. I like that very much. U disturbed me a lot”.

I was very happy to hear this from her. For a few minutes we just looked each other. We both smiled. After finishing the dinner, we went for a walk in the garden. I felt her hands, slowly I touched her hands, took it in my hands and kissed on it.

“I have been waiting for this beautiful moment with u for a long time.”- I said.

Slowly I went near her face and kissed on her forehead, eyes and cheeks. Then I kissed her beautiful lips. She too responded. Her lips were very soft like rose. I kissed her for 15 minutes and we hugged in ecstasy and felt our body’s heat. I took her in my hands and went inside the hall. I locked the door and took her to the bedroom which is in the first floor. The bedroom is very sexy like Priyanka.

Since it is summer, I locked the door but opened the windows and closed curtains. I asked priyanka to play some hot songs of tamil cinema. I switched off all the lights and put on the red coloured zero bulbs and the same bed lamps.

Now the cool wind from the sea is coming through the window, music is going on, the room is filled with red colour and my Priyanka is looking like a Sex Queen in front of me. Her milky cleavage and navel hips are clearly visible. The moment is so romantic and awesome.

Again we hugged tightly. Her perfume is good, making my temptation high, I kissed on her rosy lips and she kissed me. I turned her and kissed her neck, the sexy curves, ear-lobes and her cheeks. Slowly I removed her sari. I rubbed her cheeks with my cheeks. I put both my hands on her hips and rounded her. Temperature is raising on her silky smooth hips. I unbuttoned her blouse and kept my hands on her big rounded ass and pressed, then I removed her pallu, it went down.

Ohh….what an erotic scene it is!!

Now she is in her pink coloured panty and the same bra. She looked very hot. She glittered in the red light. The pink coloured panty and bra adds more beauty to her. She looked very gorgeous and exposed most of her cleavage, her voluptuous long thighs makes me mad. It is very silky and smooth. She undressed me and now I am in my underwear. My cock is trying to come out.

I took her in both of my hands like a baby and kept on bed. Her cheeks are shining in enjoyment. I slept right to her. I kissed her cleavage very much and pressed her boobs over her bra.

“….aaaannnnhhhhhh……aaannnnnhhhhhh…mmmmmmmm…” -she moaned softly.

I went down by kissing and reached her navel, it is small and round. I kissed her navel by massaging her hips. I put my tongue inside the navel and started to lick. Her body started to dance slowly.

“….aaaahhhhhh..ssssssshhh…aaaahhhhh…..aaaahhhhhhh…” -her moan continued. Now I came to her thighs. I started to kiss her long thighs. I kissed upto her feet.

Now its time to give freedom to our tiny pieces. She removed my underwear. My 7 inch cock saluted her for the release. I removed her bra and removed the panty with my teeth. Now we both were nude. My dream girl is in front of me without dress. She looked like a sex goddess. Her boobs were stiff, round and hanging like 2 papayas on tree. Her pussy is very clean and there is no hair and I liked that very much. Her ass is big, round and well shaped and looks more sexy. She has beautiful long thighs with good curves on it. Her body is very sexy and curved like an erotic painting, her fleshy parts gives her a perfect shape and size.

I kissed her eyes, cheeks, and started to ate the sweet juicy lips. I can’t leave her lips. My tongue entered her mouth and played with her tongue. It is such a long deep kiss lasted for 20 minutes. We broke our kiss for a breath. She kissed me on my chest and she slightly bite my nipple. She kissed everywhere on my body. She took my cock and planted a kiss on its tip. She is ready to suck now but I said, not now. She understood and smiled.

I came top of her and sat on her thighs with my knees on her sideways. I bent down and looked her for a moment and kissed in middle of her boobs, one of the sensitive parts of a girl. Her happiness glowed in her cheeks and all over her face. I kissed her left boob and pressed the right boob. My hand is not enough for her boobs, so I pressed hardly . I like her cleavage very much, I licked and started to suck her pinkish erected nipple. She bite her lips in pain and moaned like,

“…aaannhhhhh…aannnnhhhhh….Raajjjeessshhhhh….presssss….hardly…da….yyeesssss like that…only…aaaahhhh…aaammmaaahhhaa..aaannnhhhhh…yyyaaaa…sssss…aaahhhhhaaaa”.

I tried to take her boob fully in my mouth but it is big. I kept my dick in her thighs and closed tightly by closing her thighs. So it became hot like an iron rod but not moving in her thighs. I continued sucking her boob, at the same time I bite her left nipple and pinched her right nipple. She moaned loudly in pleasure,


I tasted her boobs very much. Her sounds makes me hornier than before and I changed the boobs. Now I started pressing the left boob by sucking her right one….this time I pressed even harder. I sucked at its tip of her nipple and due to this she is rubbing her thighs which in turn rubbed my dick and it become even red with it’s pre-cum oozing. Both of her nipples turned red and hard. I think it will pain her more and left it and kissed the fleshy part of her boobs. The above session hardly takes around 30 minutes.

Now I came down to suck her navel and kissed all around her navel and moved to her inner thighs. I licked and kissed inner thighs very much. Actually I like beautiful thighs very much. Priyanka has very good sexy thunder fleshy thighs, I kissed everywhere in her thighs and rubbed hardly. It is very smooth and soft. By this time her pussy become wet and is oozing well.

I kissed her pink pussy lips and licked her pre-cum. It tastes well and after licking all, I kissed her cunt. The kiss is very hot and increasing hot. I opened the pussy lips and inserted my finger into her cunt and started rubbing clitoris. She giggled her body and moaning like hot chick,

I entered another finger and finger fucked her by kissing and licking her clitoris.
She tighnened her body and cummed. Her juices flowed like waterfall. I drinked most of the juices and without wasting no time, I licked her pussy again. She asked me to fuck her. But I said to wait and put her thighs on each of my shoulder.

This time I entered my tongue and fucked her cunt hardly. She closed her eyes, her moan increased,

She is enjoying like anything. she pressed my face into her pussy by tightening her thighs. She locked my head and pressed even more. This time she shot a load of juices and I drank all without wasting a drop. I continued licking and fucking her pussy and within 10 minutes, she gave another load. Her face is full of satisfaction and smile. Her cheeks become red. To this, she looked more beautiful like an angel. She has a deep look on me. She thanked me with her eyes and smile. I licked her pussy for about 45 minutes and she cummed 3 times.
“Now I have to make u feel what I felt by u….!”- she said.

We both smiled and again kissed her lips for 10 minutes. She sat near my thighs and took my cock, she shook well and and peeled down the fore-skin under my cock head. My 7″ long cock was throbbing with my bouncing heart-beat. She kissed the tip and licked the pre-cum with her tongue, she sucked the cock-head slowly. Ohhhh…what a feeling. I aroused more and my cock increased to its final length, by now it is fully tempered like a red hot iron rod. She moved her mouth in and out, my cock sensed her tongue and it feels very much hornier than ever. She started to take my full cock inside her mouth and sucked, slowly….slowly she increased her sucking speed so that her tongue gives me a pressure on my cock. All my nerves started to come out of my body. She sucked well. I am enjoying her beauty. It is awesome to see her with my cock in her mouth. Suddenly she bite my cock-head. it gave me a little pain but felt nice and different.

“Hey..itz paining darling..”- I said

” I am doing what u have done 2 me…just enjoy it like me”- she replied.

Really I enjoyed her action. My cock is hitting her throat. She is sucking me for almost 20 minutes and my pressure is building high.


“…mmmm…..uuummmmm….uuummmm…hhhmmm…hhhmmmm..”- she moaned by sucking.

“…aannhhh..yyeessss…yyeesss…iiimmmm…aaanhh..Prriiyaannkkaaaa…Priiyaannkkaaahh…….uuuhhhh….iiiiimmmm….aaaaahhh”- we both moaned rhythmically. Finally I cummed. She drank my hot juices and cleaned my cock. It shrinked slowly. She felt exhausted and slept over my shoulder, few minutes passed.

I came between her legs and started eating her pussy. This time she cummed within 5 minutes and I licked all of it. Now I took my tempered cock and placed at her entrance and rubbed her pussy with my cock-head.

She became hot and moaned,

I enjoyed her saying and tried to push inside, but it slipped. She laughed and by widening her legs, she took my cock and placed at her love hole. I gave a thrust, it entered half, she screamed in pain and gave another hard push. My cock entered completely in her pussy.

“..aaahhhh….Raaajjjjj….aaahhhhaa…itzZ..paining…dearr..plzzzz…take it out…plzzzz…..”- she screamed loudly.

I kept my cock without moving and said, “Priyanka, don’t worry honey, pain will change to pleasure in a minute and u’ll enjoy the ride”.

Saying this, I kissed her lips, soon her pain flew away and responded me. Slowly I moved my cock out completely and inserted, I continued this for few minutes and gave long hard strokes. She starts enjoying the fuck. I increased my speed and fucked her, after 15 minutes she cummed her juices and flowed her pussy. I started fucking her even harder. Her boobs were moving according to my fuck. Our moan filled the room,

“…aaahhhhh…Priyankaaahhhaaa….uuu…rrrrr….nice….honeyyyyy….aannnn…oooooo….hhhhhh…Priyankaaaahhhaaaa…uuuu…rrrrr….mineeee…ooohhhhh….myyy…sexxxyyyyy…..Priyanka….hhhh”. we were moaneing sexily and enjoying the action. we were flying high in the heaven and reached cloud nine.


Her moaning words drive me wild and I fucked her in ultimate speed, she bite her lips in pleasure. Oh…what a scene!!! she looked utmost sexy and beautiful in this time. I am fucking her for 30 minutes and I am nearing to shoot. We both moaned loudly…



We both cummed at the same time. Some of the juices came out. I removed my cock from her pussy and slept beside her. We both satisfied each other and it resembled in our faces. She is very very happy with my play and I kissed her lips again. We both slept for few minutes.
The time is 12 now. We felt tired. She got up and went to bath-room, she cleaned and went to get fresh juices for both of us. Then I entered bathroom for cleaning. She came with the juices and we had that. We went near the window for getting fresh air. The cool wind dashed our faces.

“So this is the way u fantasize about me, …right…..?”- she asked.
I just smiled and said no. “Then…how…?”- she exclaimed.
” I’ll show u that later….”
“So u r making me to wait for the show…and when will u start..?”
“Don’t worry honey, wait till early morning…”
“Becaz early morning is the perfect time to have fun which takes long time to reach climax.”

“Oh…really, ….u r a crazy guy”. We both smiled and went for a sleep. I kept alarm for 4 am. We slept in full naked and hugged each other and started to sleep in that manner.

That is the most beautiful, erotic night I enjoyed in my life. I never forget this ‘First Night’.
ttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn – alarm rings…..

We both got up, showered separately and within half-an-hour we are ready. I opened the fridge looking for some ice-cream and chocolates, but I closed and I find more than that–honey. I am in shorts and she looks gorgeous and hot in sky blue nighty, atmosphere is same as I set in night.

I took her to the dressing table, stood in front of the table. The mirror is big and it has our full views. I stood behind her, so that she couldn’t see me in the mirror. She laughed thinking about the new fun going to be mirrored in front of her. I put my head in her long hair, it smells good and the aroma of her body excited me.

Now my fantasy play starts. I could see most of her cleavage in mirror. It is more beautiful and sexy sexy. I said her to close her eyes and unzipped her nighty, it reached the floor in no time. She is nude and looked damn hot sexy. She opened her eyes but shy to look at mirror and I like her smile in that. Now I removed my shorts, she tried to turn to look my dick but I asked not to turn. My dick is touching her ass.
I looked the mirror for a minute. Our eyes met in mirror and I said,

“Priyanka u r really amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and very very sexy….don’t close your eyes hereafter and see the fun”. She smiled sexily.
I placed my hands on her shoulders and moved slowly down to hold her hands, I can feel her arms, hands, it is very soft and fleshy. By holding her hands at her sides, we sat down in foot. Now I put her hands at the end of her legs and started to ran her body slowly to knees and raised up to stood.

From the knees, I ran our hands over her back-thighs slowly upto to her ass. There she got my dick and started to feel my heat and moved her hands to hips, rubbed down her front- thighs gently to the knees and again to the hips making her hands to feel her fleshy hot, silky soft and smoothness of her body. Then from the hips, I moved up and cupped her sexy boobs. I am making her hands to play the nipples and massaged the sexy boobs. She is enjoying my action and pleasure. It is a different feeling for Priyanka to press her boobs with her own hands in my hands. It continued sometime. We looked the mirror, she is awesome in this pose. Her body smell is more erotic and kissed her lips. I sucked, tasted her sexy lips by enjoying her boobs. Our kiss lasted for 15 minutes and we separated.

I moved her to the bed and took the honey bottle and poured it over her neck, boobs, stomach, navel, thighs and legs. She is shining in the red light. I started to lick honey from down to thighs, stomach and put my tongue in her navel to suck, and moved to her neck and finally to boobs. I licked every part of her boobs and tried to take it completely, my lips cupped most of her boobs and sucked nicely. She is enjoying the scene. With the honey in her lips, I again sucked her lips, this time it is very very sweet to suck. Her pussy became wet and I poured much of the honey there.

I quickly licked the pussy so as to not to waste the honey. Tasting the pussy with the honey is quite nice. It tastes more and more I licked it. So that she is becoming extreme hot and started to moan slowly,

“….mmmmmmm…..hhhhaaaaaaa…sssszzzzzssssszzz…aaaahhhhhhaaa”. She breathed heavily and cummed a big spoon of juices. All the juices mixed with honey and I even tasted that hardly.

“…ohhh…Raaajjjjj…uuuuu….rrrrr….greaattttt…and itz my round”, saying this she kissed me.

She turned a little bit wild and poured honey on my chest and started to lick. She sucked all the area and bite my nipples in ecstasy. Now she poured it on my dick. It went down to my balls. She took my balls in her mouth and chewed, it makes a little pain but the pleasure is awesome. Then she took the cock in her mouth and started to suck. I am flying in heaven and her sucking became fast. She sucked wildly, I think she like the cock with honey. She sucked like an expert and it needs me once. She said that she learns that from porn movies. So we went for 69, she is top on me. She put my limp cock in her mouth and I started to lick her pussy. Soon my cock reached its length. I put my tongue deep in her pussy, and fucked hardly. In turn she is sucking my cock like an ice-cream. She cummed over my face and within 15 minutes, I bursted in her mouth and she ate all of my juices. Ohhh…no…it is mind blowing.

Now we both went again to the dressing table. We both sat on the table facing each other, parallel to the mirror. There is a little bit gap between us and as well as to my cock and her pussy. Our eyes met and smiled, my eyes captured her beauty and is ready to record the upcoming fun.
We both filled the gap by hugging, now my cock touched her pussy . We lost in our kiss. My cock is trying to penetrate the pussy and waits hungrily for my push. After 10 minutes of our kissing, I put her thighs over my thighs and moved closely, my dick is rubbing her pussy hardly in this position. I put my dick in her pussy and gave a gentle push, it entered easily because of honey.

I moved slowly in front and back and hugged her tightly, caressing her back. Our lips locked again, slowly I moved my right hand to her hot hip and massaged there, then raised to her right boob. I pressed it hardly and pinched her nipple. She turned wild by this action and gave me a deep hot kiss.

Now the action is, I am fucking her slowly, pressing her boobs hardly and she is kissing me furiously. Since she is kissing me, she can’t moan loudly, but we both left out the kisssing moan, “…uummmm…uummmm…uummmm…aahhhhh…uummmm….uummmm..uummm..aaahh”.
She is reponding very much for my action. I fucked her slowly by giving hard deep pushes. We were enjoying in this position for 20 minutes. we were enjoying the above action by looking it in the mirror. It is very very sexy to see in mirror and makes us even hotter. She rounded my back, I hugged her tightly and took her to a table without breaking the kiss and without removing my cock from her pussy. The height of the table is below to my cock.

“Dear, raise ur legs and put it on my shoulder”, I said.

She tried, but felt difficult so I took her legs and put over my shoulder. Now I moved her to the edge of the table and made her to sit straight, I hugged her tightly for support with her thighs in between my hands. I adjusted to stand straight and inserted my cock in her pussy. This is a new and different position. She is surprised with this position and said, “lets start and enjoy”.

I kissed her cheeks, neck and then lips, slowly I fucked her. She is giving the kiss and enjoying very much. I increased my speed and fucking her fast, my balls are hitting her ass. The room is filled with our fucking sound,

“..thhhuuuuffff…thhhhuuuuffffppp…chapak..chapaakk…chuupppp..chuuppp”. The moan missed in our kiss. I am hitting her fastly and sometimes my cock touches her G-spot. I fucked her hardly for 20 minutes in this position and I felt nearing to cum. So I removed my cock.

“Honey plz wait for sometime, we have to go long, so wait”, and kissed her. We went to bed and I slept on my back.

“Priyanka its time for horse-ride. r u ready for that…?”

“I am always ready my darling…”, she came and stood between my legs.

She folded her legs and put her thighs at my sides. I get my dick in my fingers, she slowly sat on my dick. She has taken my full sized meat inside her. She didn’t move an inch for a few minutes but feeling my cock inside her vagina. Slowly she moved her hips up and down and started fucking me. Her boobs were jumping slowly and I am enjoying the dance.

She moved her hips with an increasing speed and we started together to moan,

She bent over me and sucked my lips and I started to press her boobs hardly. She moved her hips by front and back now upto our kiss. After few minutes she raised her body and continued fucking up and down. She raised her speed and even I thrusted her from downwards. Now we both were fucking eachother for entirely 20 minutes. I gave hard and deep pushes and it sometimes touched her G-spot. She closed her eyes and enjoying the ride. She is flying high and she bite her own lips..oh…god….it is awesome scene and looks more erotic and beautiful too.

She shot a full load and I make her lay in back and started to lick all her honey. It tastes more and after licking completely, I inserted my tool inside her hot cunt and started to dig it hardly.


Our sexy loud moans makes me wild and I fucked at high speed. Her boobs moved front and back to the rhytm. She is perfectly giving her reaction to my action. She cummed in a minute and after 5 minutes, I am ready to shoot and I gave hard strokes fastly and finally I released my juices.



“…no…Priyanka……say…thank…uuu….for…this… opportunity…itz…my…pleaasure……with…uuu…itz…my….dream…..and…i…am…very…lucky…”

Some of the juices flowed from her pussy. I removed my dick and kissed her lips, I sucked nicely and we slept in each other’s arms. We felt great satisfaction and happiness. I really enjoyed as my long desire is fullfilled with my dream girl Priyanka

After 10 minutes of relaxation, I made her in doggie position and inserted my tool in her round ass with honey in her ass. She screamed loudly,

I make her calm and started to ram her ass by massaging her sexy bums. She moaned perfectly and her pussy started to leak her juices over her thighs and down to her feet. After 15 minutes of fucking, I cummed my hot load in her ass.

Then we went to bathroom and there my fantasy continues under shower and in bath-tub also. After that we came out and I got ready. she made breakfast for us. After having that, I am about to leave, I kissed her lips and again went for the final fuck. About 11 am, we both came out, I took her scooty, she hugged me tightly so that I can feel her love. We reached a park very near to bus-stop. I felt a little sad to leave her and she feels the same. Priyanka said that we should be in touch and to continue the fun. She went and I returned to my home. Daily we continue messaging and had phone sex weekly. Monthly once I come to Chennai to have fun with my Priyanka. I love fucking Priyanka in her beautiful home.

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