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Hi this is Sultana Sinha, 36 yrs old healthy Male from Patna Bihar along with 46th story. If you like, the story, please say so via mail My friend with a request to get it published on ISS has forwarded this story. Hello readers, my name is Sahana Rahman Banu aged 32 from Dhaka Bangladesh. This story happened last month when my nanad(sister in law) Merina aged 22 was in hospital to deliver her first baby. My Nandoi(sister in law’s husband) Shamim aged 28 was at home with me. We had one night of fucking at home.

Well the seed of the story was laid nine months before the delivery when I saw my nanad and nandoi having sex in my house. They had been recently married but had not been able to consummate their marriage. It was their first night. The house was still filled with guests. It was late night in June. I got thirsty and went to kitchen to fetch water. While passing Merina’s room I saw light coming out and little sound. I peeked into the room from the large key hole. The lights were on and my nanad Marina and nandoi Shamim were preparing for a fuck.

Marina was nude on her bed and Shamim was sitting near her. Shamim was rubbing her breasts in slow moves. I was frozen at the door while looking all those. Then Marina whispered to Shamim, “Are you going to keep rubbing till night? Come on your wife is waiting to love you.” After saying this, she winked in a naughty way. Shamim could not control himself and started kissing her. Merina got off the bed and stood up. She started kissing him. She was having heavy breaths. He also kissed her and took her in his arms.

Then they were kissing each other. He started kissing her face from her forehead. Then his lips came to her beautiful eyes and kissed there. Then he came to her sexy nose and kissed there lightly. Then the lips went to her white creamy soft cheeks and kissed there. In the meanwhile, they were feeling each other with their hands and both of them were trembling with excitement and passions. Then he started kissing her on her luscious full lips. They hugged each other tightly.

They started French kissing. They were exchanging their saliva in each other’s mouths. They kept on doing that for more than 10 minutes. Then he moved his lips towards her sexy ears and started licking her ears. He took her ear lobes in his mouth and started sucking them.

Merina was moaning,”AAaaaaaaaaaHmhhhhhhhhh please dear,please…………mmmmmm.” He was feeling her breasts moving up and down a bit faster. Then he came to her long neck and started kissing there. He was feeling her nipples poking in his chest even from inside their clothes. Then he heard her screaming, “Ooohhhh darling, I can’t take it any longer. Please hurry. I was feeling horny seeing their sex scene.

He laughed. Then she started taking off his clothes with trembling hands. Soon He was standing there only in his underwear with a tent of one pole. He took his underwear off. His cock was at least 8” long and 2” thick. He made her stand in front of him. He started French kissing her. While kissing her he opened her gown, he moved his mouth from her lips to her chest and started rubbing his mouth there. Very soon, she was standing almost nude in front of him.

Below her long and slender neck, she had a pair of the most beautiful boobs. Her breasts were full and round. They were topped with light brown nipples. They were quite small but looking very hard. Below her breasts, she had a tight and flat tummy. She had white pair of legs, with no hair on them. She had waxed them probably before marriage. She did not have a single blemish on her body.

He could not control himself after watching such a beauty, picked her up on his arms, and took her to his bed. He laid her there very slowly. He kissed her lightly on her lips and moved to her inviting boobs. He took hold of her one breast in his hand and took the other one in his mouth. Firstly, he kissed that. Then he took it in his mouth and started sucking it. He was rubbing her other breast with his hand. What a feeling they were having! Merina was moaning, “… dear it is painful pleasure please ohhhhhmmmm…”

He started teasing her one nipple with very slow biting. He was feeling her nipple getting more and more stiffing in his mouth. Then he switched over to her other breast and did the same thing there. She was now bucking off the bed. Her both breasts were wet with his saliva. He started moving down from her breasts. He kissed and licked her flat tummy for a few moments and then started teasing her navel with the tip of his tongue. While teasing her, he started rubbing her thighs with his both hands. I began pressing my breasts with one hand and fingering my pussy with the other hand.

She was bucking like a fish without water. I could smell the aroma of her cunt juices in the air. He positioned himself between her legs. Her thighs were on both sides of his body. Even he could see her sealed lips of her sweet cunt. He stared at her and she just blushed and covered her face with her hands. He could not control himself and covered her body with his. He came over her. She was still hiding her face with her hands.

Now they both were stark naked. Their bodies were pressed together, glued to each other. Her nude breasts were poking in his bare chest, his stomach was pressed to her flat tummy and best of all, his hard dick was lying on her cunt. Even he was feeling her pussy throbbing with excitement. She felt his dick smashing against her throbbing pussy in excitement. His excitement was getting higher and higher.

He took hold of her hands from her face and took them away. Her eyes were closed and the corners of her lips were shivering. She was taking heaving breaths. He could not stop himself and kissed her on her juicy lips. Then he moved himself a little and started rubbing his hard dick on her tight cunt opening. He was feeling wetness on his dick. He again kissed her. I could not control my urge.

Then he started moving down on her body kissing all the way down. First, he kissed on her neck, then on her sexy boobs, then on her tummy. Then he was lying in between her thighs. Her pussy was inches away from his mouth. He could smell the scent of her oozing love juice. That was a great sight! Her sealed lips were oozing pearl white liquid.

He could not control any more and glued his lips to her tight, hot and virgin cunt. He heard her long moan, “Uuuhhhhhhhhhh…” He just held on her both hands with his both hands and started kissing her cunt. He was feeling her love juices touching his lips.

First, he kept on kissing her for two minutes. Then he realized that her cunt was oozing more juices. He could not control himself and started licking her cunt. The moment his tongue touched her cunt, she moaned very loud, “Uhhhhhhhhh.” Then he felt her having her first orgasm. He glued his mouth to her pussy and kept on sucking her love juices. It was such a strange and sweet taste – a bit salty but very pleasant!

Then Merina was relaxed. Shamim immediately took her love button/clit. He took it in his lips and started sucking her. Very soon, she was again moving her hips on the bed crazily. He then changed his position and now he was lying on the bed and she was sitting in between his legs. She got hold of his dick with her both hands and rubbed it very hard.

Then he gripped her one hand and started masturbating himself with his wife’s hand. Then he removed his hand. She giggled and started doing it in a right way. Shamim was relaxed and lied on the bed. Now she was stroking his cock with her soft hands. Her bangles were tinkering to the rhythm. Suddenly a slight moan escaped my mouth. Shamim looked towards the door and saw my shadow in the doorway. He realized it was I and threw a knowing smile towards me.

He felt Merina’s other hand tickling his balls, still stroking his tool with one hand. He started watching her. What a lovely sight! Such a beauty sitting stark naked in between his thighs and playing with his dick! She started moving her head towards his cock. Then she kissed the tip of his cock with her full lips. She got bolder. She just opened her mouth and took the head of his tool in her mouth.

What a great sensation it was for my brother in law! He moaned, “Oooooooohhhhhhh my dear!” She stared into his eyes. While looking at him, she got more of his dick in her mouth and now he could feel the wetness and the warmth of her sweet and sexy mouth on his tool. Then she started moving her mouth up and down on his dick.

He couldn’t stop himself and started moaning, “Ooohhh ohhhh ooooohhhhhh..” Now she increased the tempo and tried to get more of his dick in her mouth. But it was too big for her to take fully inside. So she started licking the full length of it with her lips and tongue. Very soon, his full dick dipped with her saliva and he was feeling like getting closer to cum.

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