Seducing My Hot Mallu Aunty

Hi my name is Arjun (name changed) I am 24 years old with an height of 6′and an 6″cock, living in Bangalore ,Koramangala.Basically I am from Kerala but settled with my family in Bangalore,my uncles family also reside with us. Describing about my aunt she is an mallu lady with 6′ height and 36,36,36 wheatish brown she has been married to my uncle for 12 years now, they have two school going kids, she is very shy women ,she doesnt know any other language excluding Malayalam.

I always had a sexual feeling towards her from the day I saw her cleavage once while she was swobbing the floor from that day she has been my sexual dream for masturbating. Getting onto my story this happened exactly one week back, every one in my family had been to kerala to attend a marriage function of my cousin brother; my aunt did not go just because the school had started for their kids. The dream day had come for me because this has never happened like only my aunt and me alone in house.

I sorted out a plan to have sex with her but I have a very good image so I planned carefully.

One day I called up to my sexual gay mate Prathap and said that my aunt was alone and this is the best time to seduce her, I said him the plan that to book three tickets for an mallu movie, two seats adjacently and the one more seat exactly behind the two seats and two touch her body frequently while watching the movie and he in turn asked that if this plan is clicked even he wants to have sex with my aunt I said hesitatingly ok.

The day came I said my aunt I had booked two tickets for an Malayalam movie for me and my friend but my friend is not coming due to some work so requested her to accompany me but she refused somehow she agreed to come. We went in a car to the movie; the movie started after 15 minutes exactly I said her I need to go to the bathroom will be back with in half an hour just because my stomach was upset and I said her not to move from her place till I come after I left my friend prathap started to touch her legs using his legs from behind, she did not respond next he started lifting his saree upwards, now she felt something and started looking downwards and she recognized some one in the back is doing this.

She was very scared and shy to create an scene there this was the fact which helped me plan this idea and next he started to touch her waist and massage it she leaned forward to ignore him.

Prathap shifted his seat to my seat, my aunt saw him very strangely and very scared. Now he started to touch her boobs using his elbow and all of a suddenly he inserted his finger inside her saree and started massaging her hairs, but my aunt was silent he inserted his finger into the glory hole she leaned to the seat and I think she enjoyed this, suddenly I came to my seat and I saw what was happening I said the Prathap that the seat was mine and he moved backwards and I asked my aunt what was he doing with his hands inside your saree she started crying and she said she needs to go home right now, as her wish we left the theater.

When we reached our house I asked her what was that guy doing with his hands, she started to cry and said me she said that the guy misbehaved with her but she couldnt do anything. Now it’s my turn I said her this is happens everywhere and started to massage her shoulder but I was very scared to proceed further but I gained guts and put my hands towards her waist and said not to cry, I started to wipe her tears and touched her lips and I said your lips looks like cherry, she laughed and said me dont say lies, I said really it looks like cherry and I feel like tasting it she looked me very strangely and became silent. I turned her face towards me and laid a kiss on her lips, she pushed me and said we shouldnt do this.

I said her frankly I am in love with her, she came near me and started advising me that this is not correct, suddenly I caught her head and kissed once more on her lips for firstly she started pushing me but after some 15 seconds she started enjoying my act, while kissing I took her to the bedroom and started kissing her neck, she was totally enjoying this I could feel from her expressions,

I caught her back and kissed her gaand, waist, back and the neck, then I turned her and started kissing and napping her. She just put her hands on my back closed her eyes and giving out slight moans. I went down and kissed her navel and the saree fold on top of the vagina. I laid her on the bed and went to kiss her and necking her. She started moaning a bit loud now and her hands were on my back and on my hair.

I caught her turned her around and made her on top of me and asked her to kiss me on my neck, chest and face. She removed my shirt went slowly on my face, then lips then to my neck and I gave a moan she licked my nipples and went down to my navel and removed my pants and kissed my legs and thighs but never touched my dick or even kissed it. We were constantly looking at each other but no words came from our mouth.

She on top of me then turned me around and asked me to remove her saree. For the first time in my life I am removing a woman’s saree and that too my aunt’s. I caught the folds and gently pulled it, it came out in a bunch and I put it in a heap beside her head. Then I removed the strings of the petticoat and pulled it down. Wow! What a sight, she was without a panty and I could see her pubic hairs and her big thighs.

She guided my head towards her pussy and I licked it. Though I didn’t like the smell of it, the excitement made me lick her pussy and it was dripping wet. She moaned loudly this time, gripping my head more tightly and making aaaah and ooooh sounds. I thought she would utter my name or sat nasty words but it didn’t happen. Just moaning sounds came out from her mouth, mostly with her mouth closed and enjoying it passionately. I took the final plunge.

My dick couldn’t hold it anymore. I put my dick in but it couldn’t enter, my aunt smiled and she put her hand down and held my dick and slid it up. I realized my mistake, I put it a bit down and it wasn’t the hole, due to her bushy cunt I couldn’t see it. As she guided me to her hole, I felt my dick gliding into a tunnel which was little tight, moist and soft to enter, I entered it full and withdrew it and shove it again in and made her lips

And her hands went backwards and her one hand caught hold of the bed sheet whiles the other the saree. I put my hands and clamped it in mine and planted it into a sort of motion. She was enjoying every bit of it and she was biting kisses on her face. When I kissed her on the lips she bit my lips and tongue. She began to move her hips and caught hold of my head and put in on her neck and I kisses were all over her neck.

The smell of her armpits and sweat was like a scent to me. Then all of a sudden my semen burst going all the way to her inner part of vagina and resting there with her juices. I collapsed on her and then felt very tired. Never in my life have this load of sperms ejaculated from my masturbation. I felt very tired and slept next to her. When I woke up after an hour or so, my aunt was not on the bed and only her saree was there.

I put on my pants and took the saree with me and came out of the room searching for her. She was in the kitchen in her blouse and petticoat. I asked her to wear the saree and I enjoyed seeing her wear it and I told her to wear below navel. In the night she asked me to sleep in the bed. I was having a feeling that I was her husband, she came after finishing her chores and removed her saree and lied next to me and was looking into my eyes.

I wanted to ask her about the sexual relation with uncle. When I asked her about it her face went gloomy. My uncle wasn’t interested in.

She was about to cry saying this when I comforted her by saying that everything would be alright, just pray to Him and everything would turn out fine.

I asked her to smile, as today was our first night. She seductively then put her arms on mine and pulled my head towards her neck and we enjoyed the second round slowly rather passionately. I acted as if I was a lover and tenderly poured love and affection and she had wanted it badly.

The next morning I woke up feeling satisfied and my penis was swollen and a bite mark on my lips and neck. I called my aunt for tea, and she came like a typical housewife.

She was sweating due to the kitchen work and her saree folds were up put in her waist. Just as she placed the cup on the table I caught her paloo and pulled her by her butts. She weakly protested saying she has work in the kitchen but I ignored them and left her after kissing her all over.

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