Sex With Modern Punjabi Aunty

Hello readers my name is Harman from Chandigarh, basically from Punjabi please send your comments regarding my true experience with my aunty Neeru to my mail id:

Ya Story which you’re going to read is a true one happened 6 Months back. First of all I’m fond of mature women I used to watch their navel from the side and their butt which makes me horny and there is an aunty named Neeru she is mother of two girls. She was with fair complexion and round boobs. She is living in a joint family with her husband, aunty, Uncle etc. on our 2nd floor and we are in 1st floor.

I’m a handsome guy with 5.9 feet height One day after buying some books in the evening I’ve arrived home at 7:30PM I had just parked my bike and entered into the first room I saw a lady coming in front of me she is none other than Neeru she is leaving after a little chat with my mom then unexpectedly her right side part of her body touched me while chat with my mom) then unexpectedly her right side part of her body touched me while Her right boob touched my right shoulder

Wow it felt very soft and I am motion less for 2 seconds then coming back from that feeling I said ooh! Sorry aunty I didn’t watch you coming and she replied its ok no problem” with a smile face that night I didn’t slept and just thinking about her body. The next day my dad’s jeep is not getting started (which he regularly used to drive he called me and said it seem’ there is a problem with the battery so we need to push the jeep a few feet.

I will try to start it and there were no people walking around as it is afternoon 3 pm so my dad sat in the jeep and I’ve started pushing the jeep alone from back side as the road is a little bit slope jeep moved easily and my dad started the jeep and left to his office at that time I’m wearing a round neck T-Shirt and short, then while I’m entering into home I’ve recognised somebody is watching from above.

I just glanced at the second floor it is none other my sweetheart Neeru standing and watching the scene. I gave her a smile for which she is also reciprocated at that time I didn’t understood why she is staring at me one day Neeru came down with her kid as the girl is not taking her meals so Neeru is trying to feed the girl in the fresh air then suddenly she entered into my house my mom is busy with cooking and I saw Neeru she is in light red colored saree.

She don’t like to wear a bra as they will be little uncomfortable to her which I had came to know later and I saw while she is walking her boobs are swinging in air up and down for her walking motion that made my dick raise then I wished her she smiled and said it seems you are reading some magazine I replied yes aunty then I put my book aside and started chatting with her after sometime her little girl came near to me and sat on my lap and after some time.

I gave the child to Neeru she took the girl with one hand as she is carrying the rice bowl which is used to fed the little girl in the other hand while taking the girl my right hand touched her boob and she just pulled her kid from my arm but my hand is locked in between the girl and her boob like a sandwich for about 2 seconds. Wow what a feeling it is they are very soft like sponge covered with skin and her nipple is erect which I felt very clearly because of absence of Bra.

And after that she left normally. First of all I thought that she did that intentionally but after some time I convinced myself that she is a family lady from an Orthodox family, above all she is a mother of two what is the need to do such silly things with a guy then on the next day she again came to our house with her little girl and I’ve decided to test Neeru aunty as she did that thing intentionally or accidentally by touching her body again like yesterday.

I again took the girl in my arms and played with her for some time and after a few minutes while aunty was leaving I gave her child to her and again her boob touched to my arm I got shocked for what Neeru aunty was doing she is just pressing my hand to her breast with her child with a lot of pressure then I just pulled back my arm from her and but my mom never noticed this because for her it seems like.

I am just handing her child but it is only known for Neeru and me what is happening in between then it made very clear that Neeru is intended to do it. From that day she is daily used to come to our house afternoon and in the evening for the hot touch of mine as I’m waiting to touch her soft boobs. She is regularly used to wear a Night garment but sometimes she is used to wear saree she is so hot in saree and one day she came to our house lonely my mom is not there at that time.

I’m just staying lonely with a bowl of snacks on my side then she came and sat I offered her the snacks while taking them she got slipped and the bowl gone down to the couch. She said ooh sorry, it’s my fault wait I will clean the floor and she just bent down with her ass facing me and her ass is the perfect one I never seen in my life after looking at her hot bulged ass and I got my undies tight. My dick is just throbbing and my eyes were locked on her ass but I didn’t dare to touch it.

Then after cleaning the floor she suddenly stood up as I were very close her butt touched my dick wow they are amazing and at once my underwear got wet with my pre-cum. Then she washed her hands and left, after that I started masturbating thinking about her round ass then suddenly I heard somebody is coming so immediately I put back my penis into my short at that time I am not wearing any undies so it made a tent.

Then I saw who is coming it is again Neeru. She entered and said that can you bring me a Tea packet from the nearby shop your uncle is still in office I can’t leave the home isolated I said no problem then suddenly she changed her looks and watching my tent. I got embarrassed for a moment and she left without any expression in her face then I brought tea packet and given to her. The next day she came with her child as usual and she is talking with my mom about something.

I had to go bathroom to urinate on the way to bathroom I touched Neeru’s fleshy butt and but my mom didn’t noticed this and again coming from toilet I made it again she is also enjoying it suddenly my phone is ringing I picked up the call it is for my mom from my grandmother she lives in the 4th street from our home. She called my mom urgently to talk about something then my mom left to her home immediately.

Now it is me, Neeru and her 3 year child I thought this it! Given opportunity to trap her but i’m not having that guts to implement my feelings. So while talking slowly moved my right foot to her leg and started rubbing it nicely she noticed that but remained calm and after some time she taken back her leg I thought she is thinking that somebody might come at this time so she is not co-operating and convinced myself.

Then she stood up and moved in front of the mirror to adjust her saree as the mirror is back to me she is facing me directly and adjusting her saree in the midst her saree is gone aside exposing her deep navel. She is having a deep navel with some stretch marks on her tummy but it is a excellent view on seeing her navel my dick turned into a 7″ rod and at this time I’m unable to control myself so I just grabbed her

And kissed on her navel at an instance like in movies for about ten seconds her body smells like a sandal which made I arouse more at first she was also speechless and enjoying this but suddenly she thrown me away and slapped me I was shocked, my tent became flat with that slap I asked what happened aunty? She replied shut up don’t talk to me Idiot I am like your sister this is how you behave with your sister, saying this she gone away.

I was trembling from top to bottom and thinking what will be going to happen is she going to tell her husband and break my limbs then I can’t show my face to anybody. I never expected this would happen. I was full of repentance and shameful after that a few days she doesn’t came to our house and nothing had happened I thought she didn’t leaked the matter and

I was saved one day my mom and dad had to go to Hyderabad for two days and they didn’t take me with them and then I’m staying alone in my home with my shorts and T-shirt and then I saw Neeru is coming towards me I was started to tremble again with fear she came close to me and asked where are your parents I said they were gone to CHD at once she hugged me and kissed on my cheek where she slapped once I was amazed

Her soft shaped lips kissed me I can’t believe it she said I’m really so sorry Harman that day I slapped you very hard because you are smooching me in front of my daughter I don’t want to become a bitch in my daughter’s view. That is why I behaved like that. I said what’s wrong with the child she is still a kid she can’t remember what happened that day. No they will she said.

Ok my mistake is also there I must not behave like that with you as you said you are like a sister to me saying this I just sat on the couch Neeru is in front of me standing still without a word after some time she slowly touched my right hand it took it I can’t understand what she is doing Then she slowly put it on her navel and said common do it. Mmmmm,

At once my penis is erect and my under wear is bulged, but I need to control as I remembered the words she said and asked her in a low voice how can I do it you are like sister to me na Neeru yes, for my husband and others, but as far as I’m concerned you are my man” these words made me more hot then I lost my control and kissed her navel very deeply for about 10 minutes she said are you going to make love for only that hole? No darling I Love you.

I really Love you saying this I just kissed on her soft lips for about 2 minutes and then I removed her saree pallu her boobs are bulged a little bit more than usual and her black nipples are clearly visible as she is in a light colored blouse then I pressed the boobs like mad she is moaning mmm aaahhhh I never thought you are so curious on me come on do it slowly they are paining ohhhh then I started to touch her boobs softly caressing them

And biting over the blouse she said remove it, I did it her nipples are erect and starving for my licking sensation at first I sucked her left boob really guys up to that moment I never knew how girls body will be but now I am in heaven flying with my sex goddess. I licked them and pinched the nipples while doing so her mood is getting to the peak I thought she is fond of boob sucking she is enjoying it with her moaning my dick is also throbbing to enter into her love hole

I pinched her nipples with my teeth she moaned in pleasure Harmanllll uhhhh mmmm please be soft with them” but I am not in a position to listen her after sucking her boobs I came down to her navel again, she is having amazing shape enjoying it .I smooched deeply without leaving any area of her upper part of her body. My cock suddenly entered her pussy, which was already well lubricated. My penis was one inch inside her pussy hole. Oh! The juice around and the warmth of her pussy made me crazy.

I once for all forgot that she is my aunt and just raised my hip. Fuck, my whole penis entered my aunt’s pussy with ease. She just turned around and given me short and sweet smile and at the same time she was on murmur of Ah Shsh Mm Ush Ahhh. Now I got up a rhythm and shaking my piston inside her well lubricated cylinder. I just held her hip and fucking. Now my aunt too started shaking her hip matching my rhythm. I was in heaven and driving my aunt like crazy fucker.

She too lost all her shame and stroking her hip and taking my entire stroke with horny sounds Ssh Aah Mmm. o Harmannnn No. Yeah, Yeah,Fuck my pussy, Fuck me like slut. Fuck me like whore. Fuck me like prostitute I too was calling her slut. Mmm.Yeah fuck me. My hot fuck. Yah Uh ssssh aaahh. Suddenly she was shattered and had a huge orgasm and squeaked aaahhhh and held her pussy tight back to my penis with stubborn body and closed her eyes.

I waited for a moment for her to enjoy her orgasm. Now I pulled back my penis out of her pussy and turned her around. Now we were facing each other. Her pussy was dripping her vaginal fluid. I just sat down and licked her pussy juice completely and she was wide opening her thighs to comfort me to lick. After completely licked, I stood up and pulled her toward me and bent my legs and inserted my cock again inside her pussy with face to face looking.

She too bent and taken my penis inside her pussy again the reciprocation started. As both were looking at each other, the lust making was more sensitive as she was biting her lips. I was smooch my aunt like a hungry dog. Her breath was heavy and taking oxygen thru her mouth. I just entangled in a sound long kiss on lip to lip. We were taking each other’s tongue inside and sucking our saliva.

And chew the lips and tongue but at the same time our hips were busy in fucking. In the mean time I’m massaging her melons. She again started shouting horny. I picked up well and fucking my aunt very fast and had another long lip kiss. A heavy current was passing between us and we were exploding at the same time.

She had her orgasm again shouting. Mm aaaahhh sensing that my aunt is getting orgasm again and me too had a big blast of orgasm and struck to her pussy by pressing deep inside and shouting haaaaaaa. Our eyes are closed and hugging each other tightly with our hips pressing each other tightly. Slowly we were relieved from the lust that’s it. For feedback

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