Sexy Mysore Mumbai train journey

Hiiiii friends!!!!! m a very big fan of this site n enjoy a lot reading the stunning n horny stories posted to this site daily!!!!!! this is a true story n its upto u to believe o not…..this is the first time m going to post a story in this site… plzzzzzz do drop down ur valuable comments. today I wud like to share wid u al somethin which happened which hpnd just a few months ago!!!!!!

1st of al I wud like to introduce myself… my nae is ‘XYZ’….to conseal my identity…, m a 17yr old guy,a slim avg looking person..n a VIRGIN….now n doin my engineering in mechanical feild in 1 of the reputatd coll in mumbai i just completed my 12th n was busy preparing 4 my engineering entrance exams.

i had been to mysore 4a similar kinna exam..COMEDK…EXAMS WERE AL OVER N I WAS RETURNING HOME…it was 13/5/10…i had booked a ticket 4 AC 2tier…train was at usual I reached before time.i enterd the traihn n got myself setteled wid my luggage..i saw that there were 2 uncles in their 60’s seated there but still 1 seat was vacant…

so I went out to check the reservation sheet n found that the other passenger was a female 😉 i was overjoyed to atleast find some relief…i checked out her was deepti n age 22..;-) n she was to board 4rm arsekere. i aws praying 4 a beautiful cute sexy gal…mine was the lower berth si comfortably exchanged it wid one of the uncles coz e1 I had to study n it was better to stay up 4 it…

in the mean while the train reached arsekere station I was eagerly wauting 4 I beautiful sexy bomb 4 a company till mumbai……i was awaiting at the door 4 her to arrive but no clue of her 4 long time…many thoughts came to my mind ‘ wud she hav cancelldd her trip o anython like that????”

ths train started to move n I was very dejected…the sudenly I saw I gal runnig towars r train as if she wanted to catch r train oly..she approached thjis compartment oly n I was sure this is deepti oly….she somehow managed to enter the train 4rm the other dppr…i quickly came back n got seated….she came n sat next to me n was breathing very heavily.

i offered her water 4rm my bottle,while the botrtle she touched my hands….wow!!!!!!!what a beautiful pair of hands she had!!!!!!!!!! they were soft n long…i helped her tp settle her luggage n she told me thanks n gave a cute smile..she was like a beauty goddess to me 😉

har eyes were brown,her hairs touching her hips,har boobs vere simply superb… I guess it wud b 36B what I liked the most in her was her ROSY LIPS….she was sittin besides me to me left n was just relaxin lookin out 4rm the window..i got up n was going up 4 a small nap… while I was getting up my right elbow brushed against her left boobs.

she understood my xprsiion I gave me a wicked smile 😉 i climbed up n laid down properly n got covered wid the sheet n blanket as ii was I bit cold by now n was e1 studyin a bitt. but instead of looking into yhe book my sight was being pulled towards hr.i wud get glimpses of her boobs thru her low cut teee…

after sometym she also climbed up now we were lyin right opposite to each other…she had closed her eyes but I knew she wasnt asleep…I was continuously staring at her rosy lips.. whenever she wud open her eyes she wud catch me staring at she kept her eyes open 4 sometime n I pretented to be studyin.. but she caught me glancin at her…

NOW she actioned to me wid her eyebrows “what heppened”; i said “nothin” but she agian asked “y r u staring at me since long tym???????” 4rm this I understood she wanted a naughty reply… i kept my finger on my lips n she undrestood…. she asked” WHaT?????” she was telling me al this n I feare d others myt listen to her.

so I wrote in my book “TURN ON UR BLUETOOTH wil chat coz ur voice is auduble to othrs” n showed her the book. she immediately took out her BLACKBERRY curve n switched on the bluetooth…n I had my old sada hua N 70….i was a bit nervous but gathered some courage n sent her a note ” ur lips r very beautiful I just loved them”

i was very nervous as to what wud be her reply.wil she get angry o wil she b ok??? i got her repli “ohhh thats the reason u were starin at me ;-)” i heaved a sigh of relif as she din get angry…..i took a step ahead n asked her “can I touch dem???” i knew this wud be toooooo much to ask 4 touch n al….but luck oly favours the bold !!!!!!!!!!

i was expectin a reply lik “why” o “4 wht”…but I got a reply which astonished me…she asked me “how??” 4 a sec I was like frozen…;-oi took it as a green signal n replied ” with mine ;-)” she replied ” its not possible now n anyways 4get it” by now I realized everythin is wid me n e1 luck was favouring me..v contd to chat n came to know she was a 3rd yr BDS student….

she had covered herself wid the blanket so I cudnt get proper view of her boobs:-( i told her to lower her blanket a bit to which she readily did 😮 in the afternoon we closed al the curtains n swtchd off al the lights… both uncles were fast asleep…i took the most oppurtunity n put my hand towards her berth.she was facing the other side.

I put my hand on her hip n slowly pressd it. she quickly turned.. I directly jumped onto her berth n held her boobs n pressed den slightly….she bit my lower lip n just hummed hmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa she herself lifed her kurti n now my hand were roaming al over her black bra…

I massaged her 4 ab8 10-15minsn told her to unhook her bra…she hesitated a bit then agreed n now her bra was off her body n her boobs just flung out b4 me….her nipples were already erect n were begging to be sucked…..but I cudnt coz of lack of space… I pressed her nipples n pinched them to which she gave a sexy moan…i den bit her ear lobes to which she cudnt control herself n creid out aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i slowly moved down her head n started lickin n kissin her breaths on her neck was turning her mad n she was beggin m to slow down..but I was literally molten hot now…by this time my tool had already reached uts height n eas tryin hard to get freed…she said she wanted to see it but I told her its not possible now.

i allowde her to touch it n she gave me a handjob as sson as her soft hands touched my tool it became more hard.. I cumnmed very early n cleaned wid the blanket…. by this time 1 uncle woke up n switched on the lights.. she quickly took off her hand n covered me also inside the blanket.v both pretented to sleep together.den I jumped ack to my berth…

n msgd her n told wil continue at night…then we both came down n were sitting besides each other. i had kept my hand purposely on boobs n was ceressin them.. she was slightly moanin….time passed n it was 8pm. we al; had r food n every1 went to sleep. she msgd me..”BHOOL GAYE?????”i cud seee that hunger n lust n her eyes i think it was e1 her 1st tym coz becoming too uneasy n restless…

i told “kasie bhool sakte hai” at about 8.45 it was almost full dark except the night lamps….n mostly every1 was asleep.. I told deepti it wont be possible to do properly 4rm here so can I cum to ur berth above u?????? she readily agredd n I climbed above her…1stly I gave her a tight hug n then was searchin 4 he lips n ve had a tight smoosch..

we were fighting inside r mouths with r tongues..n I was continuously suckin her tongue n eatin her whole….she had become red hot by now n her hands were going diwn searchin 4 my tool. she unzipped my jeans n started strokin my dick n in no time I removed her bra n was busy wid her melons againbut cudnt see hre rosy nipples coz of the darkness 🙁

but I squeezed them n sucked them like a small baby who was hungry 4 milk…the more I was suckin the more was I hungry…then I slowly went down n unhooked her jeans n lowered it I found that her panties were already drippin wet wid her love juices…i slowly slid her panyies down n stared to explore her love hole wid my fingers it was completely slippery n moist.

e1 ir was stinkin…but it was turning me more…i fingered her 4 about 20mins then she told me shedesprrately wanted to have my dick in her mouth..we got up n tried but couldnt succeed coz of space prob..i told her to come to toilet n after a few minutes she came n der I again strippd her nude..n 4 the 1st time I was seein a love hole of a matured woman…

she din waste time n quickly took my tool in her mouth in was givin an awesome blowjob…she licked n engulfed my whole shaft…i was I heavenly was the 1st time I was gettin a blowjob..within a few minutes I offloaded my whlo cum intoher mouth n she swalloaed it as if havin some icecream……she cleaned my dick with her tongue….

I fingered her pussy n she had her orgasm n my palm was full pf her juices…i reaaly wanted to fuck her but she was a medical student n thinkin of the consequences she told we wont fuck 🙁 e1 I din force her coz e1 she was I stranger to me n e1 I was afraid of infections…then we went to r seats n she slept wid me in my berth naked till morning….

full night I was lickin her boobs, mouth,lips n her whole body..that night I climexed ab8 6times.. at 6am she got up dressed herself n went back n slept in her berth…….this us the most memoreble train journey I had ever had in my whole life….

we exchanged r mobile numbers n still today we chat with ech other. we r eagerly waitin 4 r next encounter but still now havent met her again coz of r busy schedules…i hope u al liked my story n plzzzzzz do drop down ur comments n feedbacks……

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