Sweet Small Penis

Aakash was 19 years old and he knew that he had a small penis 3.2 inches erect and 1 inch wide to be precise. He knew that he was small and wouldn’t be able to satisfy a girl her age. He was into older women from the very beginning of his sexual journey; he always loved to watch the imperfect yet attractive figures of older women.

One day his aunty visited his house, she had come from a small village but very sexy and open minded, she was chubby, not too fair and always smiled at aakash when she caught him staring at her sweet round breasts and she even purposely adjusted her cleavage when aakash was staring at her when noone else in the house was watching them. One day aakash’s parents had to go out of station for a week to attend the marriage of a very close friend of his dad and then go to manali for 5 days.

Aakash’s mom gave his aunt the responsibility to take care of him, don’t worry Asha, he would surely survive the week with me”, assured anu his aunt. Aakash’s parents left and finally he was alone with his horny aunt at his home as soon as his parent’s left he decided to watch TV with his aunt. He went and sat beside his aunt on a sofa, do you want to see your aunty’s breasts aakash? asked her aunt. Aakash too nervous and shocked to respond just looked at her.

He knew this would have happened sooner or later but he didn’t know it would be this quick. He kept on staring in her aunt’s eyes, then his gaze shifted to her breasts. He noticed that her breasts were more exposed than ever. Instinctively his hand moved towards her aunty’s breasts not that fast boy”, she giggled let your aunty see your pee pee first”, she demanded.

Aakash too nervous and excited as this was his first sexual encounter simply obeyed her aunt. he quickly stood up took out his tee, and suddenly his aunty stopped him, she saw her man boobs and pinched his nipples fiercely which made aakash wince but it even gave him a pleasure he had never experienced carry on”, she said after playing and rubbing his nipples for a minute does that feel good baby”, she asked. “yes aunty I love the touch of your long red nails on my nipples and i even liked it when you kissed each of my nipple a blunt Aakash replied.

His aunty giggled on his childish enthusiasm about sex. Aakash finally dropped down his boxers.

His aunty contained her giggle and just smiled at his tiny pee pee. She just smiled at aakash and gave him a sign with her forefinger and thumb indicating that he has a small penis and then she said, aakash darling, my baby you know you have a small penis it was more of a statement than a question and as she asked this she signnalled him to come closer as Aakash came closer to her she started playing with his erect penis with her forefinger and thumb.

She then gently spitted on his small pee pee, rubbed her saliva all over and said my you pee pee is really small, how you will ever satisfy a girl baby, giggled his aunt. “yes ma’am I know I am very small and won’t be able to satisfy girls ever that is why I am ready to be their sex toy, I will do whatever they want me to and then they can throw me after using me like the toy my little pee pee is”, said Aakash in a practiced yet embarassed tone.

That was it; her aunty was really amused by this kid’s submission as she was the dominant kind of a lady. She was really turned on by this. She took his penis into his mouth for a few seconds and then took it out. Aakash gave a sigh and closed his eyes. Aunty didn’t miss his reaction and with a stern yet playful voice asked, enjoyed my tongue on your little pee pee did you loser?

Aakash nodded and whispered, “yes ma’am but you know that you are a loser who has a small pee pee and therefore you have to earn my tongue on that pathetic little thing of yours”. Aakash was enjoying this humiliation and in a sissy voice asked, “What would I have to do ma’am to earn this reward”. His aunt anu gave a playful and evil smile and said “I have a guest coming in an hour,

I am all yours till then, make me ready for him, because he is not a loser like you, he has a big dick for which your aunty’s cunt and ass must be ready.” aakash got the cue and slowly pulled her night gown and played with her breasts for a while sucking them, pressing them, and sometimes pinching the nipples and her aunty would just smile and watch at this horny young kids exploration of her body. Anu liked being explored by amateurs.

Aakash saw the clock behind the wall on the sofa and seeing that he just has 45 minutes left asked her aunty to lie down on her back. Anu complied with his demands without any hesitation. She was enjoying this more than him. aakash held her ass with two hands and separated her fat ass just as much as he could insert his face in it and started licking his tongue on the rim of her ass and slowly went inside her clean rectum,

He played with her ass by trying various things with his tongue inside her, sometimes making a round movement, sometimes just feeling everything he could, and sometimes taking his tongue as deep as he could into her busty ass and then taking it out all this time his aunty was moaning like a little girl and this even hardened aakash’s hard on. He continued with her ass for 15 minutes, and then brought her attention to her “cunt” as she called it.

Aakash told her aunty to show her cunt now. Her aunty just nodded as she was too engrossed in taking in the pleasure she was getting. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were playing with her nipples, mostly pinching them in a clockwise motion. Aakash saw her clean shaven cunt as she turned around and again got to work as time was less. He knew if he satisfied her today he could get more out of her later after she is done with the guest.

He did an incredible job with his tongue again in her vagina and towards the end he inserted two fingers in it and started stroking her cunt along with him licking her upper part of the vagina, her aunty was in heaven and came, aakash’s penis was so hard now that it started aching now. Anu, her aunty laid there for a while as she gained consciousness, she got up and saw aakash’s little pee pee throbbing.

She got up and hugged him then they both broke into a passionate kiss, both trying to slurp each other’s tongues as they were kissing aakash’s penis was rubbing on her aunty’s cunt. Anu broke the kiss and pushed aakash on the sofa and as he lied down over there he raised his hip so that her aunty has a better access to his small pee pee, you like it when your aunty calls your pee pee small don’t you little dick loser”, asked anu in a soft whisper near aakash’s ears.

Aakash sighted a yes. “Goodboy, you have earned your reward little pee pee!!”, moaned anu in a funny yet horny way. Aakash was very turned on now. Anu went near his little pee pee and blew some hot air on it from her sweet pink strawberry lips. Then took his whole penis in her big mouth and wrapped her tongue on his penis and started deep throating his small penis.

Aakash could take it anymore after a few seconds and came violently in her mouth, she swallowed some and kept some in her mouth then kissed him forcefully transferring his semen in his mouth. “Like that loser”, Anu laughed. Aakash gagged on his semen but nevertheless swallowed it all the way and replied, Yes aunty! His aunty giggled and kissed him gently on the lips.

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