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Fucking with my cousin Shivani

Once I went Lucknow to my uncle on a vacation, I enjoyed too much there with my uncle’s family. Shivani is my uncle’s elder brother’s daughterlooking so attractive, sexy, teen and so on. In short, She is very very beautiful. I soon been closed to her. Her sexy and well looking figureinvited me all the time and I noticed she also taking interest in me. One day all the family member of my uncle went on a picnic but due to some personal reason I refused to go with them, So I was alone in hishouse. I was sitting on my uncle bedroom that was very opposite side of his house and searching some interesting book to time pass. I just got a magzine with some sexy features. The back door of my uncle’s house and his brother’s house is opened in same face so I opened the gateof back door and started reading the magzine. Suddenly, Shivani also opened her back door for any reason and our eye contact invited her to me.That was a cold and cloudy weather that for last some days. Shivani asked me what I am reading and wanted to know my interest. We started talking to each other and became very friendly. The cold wind is blowing so I lock the gate and sat with Shivani. I asked her Are u alone too? Shereplied, "Yes". I told her why she did not go on a picnic, She replied quickly with her cute smiling "because of you". I felt very pleasure indeed.She saw some sexy scene in the magzine I was hold but not irritated. Suddenly, the rain started and we were in enjoying mood. I suggest her to dance with me and enjoy. She didn’t agree at first chance but when I force her she was agreed and we started dancing. During thedancing moment I put her face on my hand and said, "you are so beautiful that I ever seen" She was shying but liked my comment and came moreclose to me. I pulled her tightly on my arm. She now cried a little but smile too. So I noticed some confident in mysef and began to move my palm onher back and buttock. I also noticed that She is enjoying the moment. Her tight boobs showing up and down due to her fast breath. I thought, it’s a great chance to play with a girl first time. So I pulled her tightly on my arm and put my palm on her beautiful face, She probably understood my intentionbut didn’t say anything. I first kissed on her pink lips and without knowing her response I began to kiss her frequently more thant 100 times. She was tryingto escape me but I was decided to fuck this beautiful girl now at any cost. So I didn’t loose my arm and continue to kissing her. Soon, she also help me and started kissing my lips too. I move my left palm on her boob and crunch them, my right palm was moving on her back side. Soon I put my right hand in her back and reeased her to bra band. I opened her tight tops quickly and put the hand on her skirt. She was also in pleasant mood so I quickly made her nude and put her into thebed. She also opened my buttons of jeans and I helped her to be nude. I started sucking her beautifool boobs showing like a milk and cunch them frequenty.She cried with a pleasure oh..h..whow….well…and so on. She was also in a climax. So I insert my finger in her cunt, she cried with great pleasure, I asked her to remove my finger if she feeling more pain but surprisingy she denied to remove this one. I asked her if she felt pain with my finger then How will she react when I’ll insert my penish and cock to her cunt. She said, You are free to play with me in any mode. So I insert my two fingers in her cunt and rolled them, I felt her jucy first time and enjoye to suck that salty juice. I began to lick and suck her cunt very madly and offered her to take some juice of my cock.She first refuse but later agree to seep juice of my cock, When I inserted my cock in her mouth she enjoyed it too much. She sucked very slowly and interestengly.I now lifted her on my leap and started kissing on her beautiful lips. I didn’t want to waste any items of her body. So I inserted my penish in her cunt and pumping them tightly for atleast one hour. Her cunt was so tight and this was her first experience too. So I began to enjoy her. I then move them back I alsoinserted my penish of her back hole. She cried too much but was also enjoying. I felt her deep breath and sexy sound I enjoyed her. Both we are in heaven of pleasure for last 4-5 hours. Both we were satisfied with each other. Next day I had to be back but she promissed to show her loyalty and availability whenever I required. I kissed her last time and said by to her.  
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