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Father’s place replaced by son

Hi guys my new story hope u ppl like it:) Morning 8AM I screamed "(Pavi)Pavitra see my penis here its drippin few drops of blood" Pavi rushed and said,"don worry dear its jus happens wen ur vein jus rupture due to mishandling ur penis durin shaggin,I’m sorry i used it very roughly last night Tell me if pain remains we’l go to doctor" I said,"no prob sweets,jus a drop or two it’ll go off" Pavi said "it used to happen wit ramesh,also al night i used to keep his penis in my mouth or in my pussy n make him work like a dog Fucking my pussy" I said "oh! Nice to hear that,sigh of relief from my side" I said "so wat’s for d breakfast honey" Pavi said "wat ever u want my master" I said ""some non-veg" Pavi said "In a minute,ok" after sometime Pavi came with a tray in her hand i asked "so wat’s in d food" Pavi said "ur favorite chicken fry" after eatin dis,i asked so Pavi,"wen did u lose ur virginity?" Pavi said "actually wen Ramesh Fucked me" den i slowly moved my hands her pulled her to me started to lick her cheeks n started kissin her lips n pressin her boobs,i slowly removed her blouse and den removed her saree,to find she has worn no undergarments.

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