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Getting it in on overtime

It was 6pm on Friday and here I was in the office waiting on an important shipment that was needed for the weekends production inthe factory. The door opened and Irene came in. "Happy at your work?" she asked. "This is a bit of a nuisance having to come in on a Friday night, and 2 of us is a bit of overkill". "Health and safety regulations Irene got to be 2 on the premises Irene" I replied. " Anyway its just as well you came in. Theres an email from Jeff and I cant get it to open up". "Typical male" commented Irene "Always problems getting it up", and with that she leaned over me, one arm on each side of my head, and started to type on my keyboard. Her left breast was pressed against my cheek and perhaps it was my imagination but I thought it was pressed more than was strictly necessary. Certyainly my cock agreed as it started to twitch at the thought.

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