Teaching Sister A Lesson

Hi ISS readers and I am Raj 24 years well built guy working for Indian army. My family lives in ooty. My father being a retired military officer wanted to settle in ooty to relax, lives there with my sweet little sister Priya 18 years. I have lost my mother 8 years back. I was getting trained in Dehradun for army and I got a leave for one month after four long years.

I thought of going to ooty to meet my family and I felt happier for getting leave than for the reason and I am meeting my family because it was like hell in army. It was kind of a jail for me. I have never touched a girl, nor even felt presence of a girl in my whole military life. I was thrown into army at 18 and from then I did not get any chance to see the world.

I used to masturbate by fantasizing about heroines which I see in the movies played at my training centre. So i arrived happily to ooty, to my home. My father was proud of me and I respected him a lot because he was not only sincere but also didn’t marry any women after my mother died. I was inspired from his determination power. He told me to go upstairs and I did.

I was looking for my sister Priya in the house then suddenly a sexy girl in short mini skirt which was revealing her beautiful sexy thighs and a tight sleeveless which showed full size of her amazing stiff boobs hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks flat and her boob were crushing onto my strong chest and her arms all over my neck.

I was surprised of this treatment and even I hugged her tightly though I did not know her and I was waiting for such kind of treatment since long time and I had smelled a girl then I was totally involved and was about to kiss the beautiful sexy girl then she slowly uttered in my ears Raj bhaiya these were the disgusting moments of my life.

I was speechless hearing what she said. She was my god damn sister and I was sloshed at her beauty 4 years and such transformation and I could not believe that and then I said Priya? She was laughing at that and said Bhaiyya what happened to you? I told her and I was really shocked to see her as she was now fully grown adult girl and no more a kid. I told her that she was amazingly beautiful.

She told me really I know that I am beautiful and I have got a secret for it anyways nice to see my Pyari bhaiyya after long time and how have you been bhaiyyaa? Then after some conversation I went into my room. We had big house on a hill. There were many rooms in the house and one of them is mine right from the moment I saw my sister.

I was not in my mood, feelings she generated initially were so strong that I was fantasizing about her the whole night and was confused to what to do. I did not know what to do but I decide to solve this anyway. Next day my father went out in the morning to nearest regiment for some work it was a typical cold foggy day you would experience only in ooty.

I was looking for Priya as I wanted to see her and feel her somehow. She was not in her room. I went into my dads’ room and was looking at his medals and photographs. It was a big room and was silent; I was standing in a corner and then suddenly my sister Priya came out of the bathroom nakedly, without a single piece of cloth on her body

She did not notice me in the corner and was walking around the bed picking up towel and dressing her and I just stood there silently without uttering a word. She was sexiest girl on this earth her tight boobs where swinging in air, while she was wiping her hair with towel. I was seeing water droplets dripping from the tip of her nipples which were erect due to cold climate and water.

She had a flat sexy belly her pussy was cleanly shaven and was soft. This situation was making me horny, horny enough that I got an erection. My dick was hard now as it never been before when she turned other side, I saw her amazingly round buttocks and sexy long thighs and I did not move from the corner as I did not want to interrupt her or embarrass her and she got herself dressed and moved to kitchen.

I went into the bathroom and masturbated and I slowly came out and proceeded towards kitchen. She saw me and smiled. She was making coffee. We both drank coffee and i spoke to her normally but was watching her body whole the time. That day i decided to watch her secretly from that moment though I was observing her secretly and fantasizing about her.

The incest bastard inside did not get into action until that night which was the worst and also the best in my life. I did not even touch my sister till that night, only just not to get wild like animal because I was from a good family, but that night, my dad was back home and was in his room. I found a room just beside my dad’s room which no one used and decided to sleep there for the night so that I can again see my sister Priya naked.

I was in the balcony of that room, and closed the door of balcony to masturbate thinking of my sister in the open air then to my surprise i saw from window that, my dad entered the room and rested on the bed. I was wondered, and thought of going into the room, and then suddenly my sister, Priya came running into the room.

I paused for a second then my dad whispering at her saying what fuck are you doing there? Fucking your brother? My heart almost stopped to hear that as I never expected my dad to use such abusive language that to on my sister which included me? I was watching carefully and she came inside and did not even bothered at what he said and immediately closed the door. He then said it was a tired day Priya beti, aaj tho mazaa loonghaa.

She then said papa, low on your voice Raj bhaiyya might hear you and then she proceed towards the table just beside the bed on which my dad was sitting and started making some pegs. I was seeing her round ass below her skirt when she was bending onto the table. My dad was exactly in between my view and even he watching directly towards her ass. I did not understand why my dad was behaving such strangely.

The words he uttered helped me understand the situation he said Priya beti teri gaand ko tho aaj mein paaadd-dhungha, kithna pyari gaand hai teri meri jaan then she replied and this is not the first day dad you have been fucking me since long time what’s new? Hearing this and I concluded that my dad was fuckinghis own daughter, my own sister and using her for his sexual favours and no wonder he did not need any women to marry as he already got one.

Then my dad said you always give me sexual pleasures which makes me feel as if we are doing it for first time, you bitch saying that he grabbed her waist and pulled her onto him and made her sit in his lap and then he made her drink two pegs and he drank two and then he slowly placed his hands under her skirt and starting rubbing my sister’s perfect soft ass. My sister was sitting in his lap. My dad was strong big man and my sister was sweet little sexy slim young girl.

My dad then started kissing her on lips even she co-operated well, and they kissed for some time and then he slowly pulled her panty and removed it while kissing. She removed his shirt and also her top. He then sucked her nipples hard and while doing this he was fingering her cunt from behind. My sister was forcing his head onto her soft breasts and he was sucking on her nipples. After a while he pushed her onto the bed and removed his pants.

I was seeing my sister naked lying on the bed in a sexy hot position and my dad nude with his erect big penis not big as mine though. He then fell over her and pulled her legs apart and directly inserted his large penis into her cunt. She moaned loudly for his first stroke and then moaned slowly, for each stroke he was hitting and they both were so involved into sex as if they are being doing this for thousand times.

They seemed to be like a couple on a honeymoon, like lovers and like husband and wife. I then forgot that they were my dad and sister and started enjoying the view. I got immediate hard on and my dick was erect now. And thoughts of fucking my sister still grew strong. I was waiting in the balcony for them to finish but they never stopped and my dad fucked her till he was tired.

He fucked her three times, and then tried to fuck her fourth time in her ass, but he could not, he was already tired. He tried to fuck her fourth time as requested by my sister through her pussy but still could not do that. He did not get a hard-on the fourth time mostly may be due to his age or I don’t know. I clearly observed the feeling of disappointment in her eyes and then my father looked at her and shouted you fucking whore, you need more sex,

I am fucking tired here and I am not young as your age and I am not 19 or 20 my age is 48, do you understand saying this dad left into his room, tired. My sister Priya was lying naked on the bed, though tired she was turned on. I now decided that and I would not let my hard on go waste after my father fucked her like a dog and left and I opened the door and stood before her it was 12 midnight she was feeling sleepy.

I saw me with blurred eyes, then cleared her eyes and whispered Bhaiya what are you doing here? Then I asked her and so this you’re secret for your beauty and gaining perfect shape and everything and then she tried to cover herself with the bed sheet then I pulled it away from her and she then tried to reach her clothes to cover her and I even took them away from her.

Then she stood naked in front of me, dejected, tired, shamelessly, fucked, screwed by our father. She then started crying and said Raj bhaiya it’s not my fault, dad forced me one day to do this and I accepted and from that we been doing this daily, it’s a routine for us now nothing wrong from my side. I asked her why she did not tell me when I was here. She told me that I would feel bad about it.

She then told I and I hate doing this, and I never liked to do it and then I asked her why she insisted our father to fuck her for fourth time, why did she encourage him and then she stood calm crying then I said it’s because you are a whore while this conversation and I did not know that my zipper of pants were open, so someone would easily make out that I had a hard on.

And my fucking whore sister also understood that I had a hard still then she came to me still crying and hugged me saying and I was helpless bhaiya and I was helpless saying this she started kissing me on my lips though and I started hating her amazingly naked body was pulling a man inside me towards her. I thought of teaching her a lesson even I kissed on her lips strongly holding her hair tightly and removed my clothes.

We both were still standing and I made her kneel down by pushing her hair downwards and pushed my amazingly big cock inside her mouth, she was surprised at the size of my dick. She kept on sucking my dick and I was having real fun after so many years. I made her kneel on the bed in dog position and she was drunk so kept on saying, fuck me bhaiya fuck your little sister till she cum’s and inserted my big dick into her pussy and fucked her for long time.

She was moaning when i was pounding my gadget inside out of her fucking cunt. She was drunk so she didn’t know much what was happening so I slowly placed my thumb over her anus, and started pressing it, she started moaning loudly. I pressed my thumb harder and harder on her anus while still fucking her pussy her anus then slowly sucked my thumb into it, then I licked her anus and pussy they tasted so great. I was fingering her anus while licking her pussy.

I made her kneel again and this time inserted my big into her anus it was tough for me and tougher for her to get through, she started moaning louder and louder by the time just my head of the dick was inside her anus, she gained consciousness and shouted saying no. She said Bhaiya no it’s too big for me and sorry fuck me through my pussy, tear it apart and I don’t care but please and I can’t bear your big penis into my ass.

She tried to resist but I was not in a mood to listen I forced my penis still deep into her anus she still tried and I caught the bitch’s hair and pulled it towards me and told her to push her ass against my dick, she did that and then with pressure from both the sides my dick was now completely inside her and she started liking it and she along with me started hitting her ass against my cock and I was pounding my cock hard inside out of her extremely tight anus.

She was moaning in pleasure and she was so perfect at sex that whatever she did and said seemed to be experienced and perfect. The way she responded to my strokes, and the way she was posing her body to the rhythm of my dick was amazing. Now, instead of hate to be my whore sister, i started liking her just like a whore. The concept of sister was out my mind. When my dad and Priya seemed to be lovers on bed

I and Priya reminded me of a hooker and customer on bed. I was fucking her wildly and to my surprise she squirted before I was done. She kept on saying dad never fucked me this good bhaiya. You are a girls dream come true man fuck me hard. I was playing wild all the time. Her pussy was drenched with her orgasm. It was wet and I licked all her juices and when I was about to cum pulled her onto my dick and inserted it into her mouth.

I exploded enormous amount of sperm into her mouth, and she swallowed whatever fell in her moth and some of it spilled over her boobs. Now it was time for me to full fill all my fantasies. She was tired and told me that she would go to sleep but I never allowed her and I fucked in various angles. I fucked anally by lifting her in my arms and pushing her towards the wall her breasts were crushing onto the wall.

My chest was touching her back and her thighs in my arms and she resting on my dick through her ass hole. My dick was balancing her as if fucked her. It was totally deep inside her flesh. She was moaning loudly and I fucked through various angles; she was tired though I continued. I was unstoppable and you know the reason why.

It was almost 5 in the morning then she told me that Dad will be coming to her in the early morning 6 o’clock to fuck her again as dad liked to fuck in the early morning as he gets a hard on that time she asked me to leave her to take rest for an hour at least though I liked her sexually. The hatred of being my sister and getting screwed my dad and also drastically fucked by me and did not cool down yet and the lesson was yet to be taught.

I did not allow her to sleep and I fucked in various angles and we enjoyed wholesome of orgies till 6 in the morning, she was almost falling asleep at that time then there was a knock on the door, which made both of us alert. Father? She said then I moved into the balcony again. Now my dad was fresh and my bitchy sister was still awake no sleep all night just fucking. She looked tired and sleepy.

My dad was on his towel and said here I am you whore you asked me to fuck again right, just give me some hours of rest I will show you how strong I am then my sister said dad sorry I can’t do it right now I am tired. My dad laughed and said you are a fucking bitch, how many times we fucked all night don’t you remember, saying this he jumped on her and again fucked her for four hours.

I watch the show and also my sister Priya’s situation. He fucked her through various angles and positions though she didn’t co-operate then I felt that she would never repeat this for next time as she got a good lesson for being a bitch but by tonight, she came into my room and closed the door. She was naked.

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