True story Little fantasy “: mom’s rape by dad’s boss

This is the story of my mom being assaulted by my dad’s boss with his permission and presence. To tell you about our family, we are a middle class family of 4 people, native of Uttar Pradesh but living in Noida for my dad’s job. Our is a middle class family with my dad, mom me and my brother, 4 members in family living in upper middle class locality in a small 1 bedroom flat. I am studying in Bangalore for my engineering, while my brother is studying in 11 class. I am 20 years old while my brother is 15, my mother is 40 while my dad is 42. Though my mom is 40 she looks atleast 5 years younger than her age and is attractive given her looks, height, and figure making her quite sexy and desirable. I have mastuburated imagining her many times. She is 5′ 2” tall. She has really big roung and firm boobs. She wears a bra of size 38 and her boobs are always projecting out of her saree and blouse often making men stare at them lustfully. Her ass is also very attractive and sexy. You can imagine how sexy a woman would be with figure of 38 28 36 and of her height. My father is also a strong man with a high sexual apetite and quite a large dick as i have observed it when he is changing clothes. Earlier we were living in single room flat and I have found myself waking up many times in the night with the moaning sounds of my mom while being fucked by my dad. They also fuck many times early in the morning, and many times my dad sucking my mom’s boobs and drinking milk from them. With the moaning sound, my mom often cries with pain asking my dad to be slow on her, which makes me feel that she is quite small in the size of her cunt. All in all a woman every man would like to and can screw and screw hard. This incident happened when I went from my college in Bangalore to Noida for my vacation, that was in May. My dad’s company was being sold to another company and the new buyers had send their representatives to look after the acquisition, a part of that work was to select individuals who will continue in the new company. My dad had been in the company from 20 years and had really worked up his position to the top starting from the bottom with lots of efforts and hard work. He had a great reputation now and everyone was convinced him being retained. The new guys were working out details with and it had been quite some time when he had been working with new boss, almost 3 months, who was an African Black, from Nigeria, with 6′ 4” height 38 years of age. He too had worked really hard in his life, studying on scholarships and rising from his poor background to such a position. One day he invited our family to dinner, I still remember the date, May 7 Saturday. My mom got dressed up in Saree. She got dressed up with little more effort as we were to meet our dad’s boss. She was looking stunningly beautiful when she came out dressed in blue saree, her white skin shining, her face with bright lipstick making her lips juicy and hairs nicely shampooed with a sweet fragrance. Her figure was also bit protuding with her boobs looking bigger and erect, maybe the quality of bra she was wearing. As we went to boss’s house he opened the door and welcomed us and looked at mom and could not take his eyes off for a while. My mom felt uncomfortable with that and looked down not knowing what to do while he examined her from top to bottom, and then said to my father, you have got a very bautiful wife, which made my mom blush and it made her look even more sexy. During the whole time I can see him staring at my mom, and very ofetn looking at her boobs with lust in his eyes. My mom was feeling very shy adding all the more to her beauty. All in all the dinner was very good and my dad’s boss was very happy, which in turn made my mom and dad also very happy. While coming home, they kept on talking about him, his background, his good nature, his qualities, etc. When we reached home, we changed clothes and went to sleep and from my dad’s mood, he was excited too after seeing my mom that day, I was sure that he will fuck my mom now. They went to the bedroom while i retired in the outer room. To tell you ours is small rented flat with just a guest room and a bedroom the way to bedroom is from this outer room only and there is also a window in the side that connects the 2 rooms. So I just opened a window a bit and could hear them and see them and they quickly started fucking. I could again hear my mom moan and ask my dad to be slow and sometimes cry in pain. I masturbated and slept. The next day my dad came from office and was looking quite tensed. I asked him but he didnt tell. I could sense something wrong. In the night when we slept after some time, I was waken up with my shouting on my Dad. I was startled and tried to listen to their conversation. I could hear mom saying ‘Are you out of your senses, dont you feel ashamed’ . My dad was trying to calm her down. My dad then said, why you had to dress like that and show yourself to him. It was her who had aroused him. This made me understand what the matter was. My father continued “ And its beacuase of her now that his job is at stake and he is in such a situation.” My mom began to cry and asked what should we do now, and he said to no other option to which she said she will never do that. Next few days went with silence with my and dad not talking to each other and both looking very tensed. Then again one day in the night, Dad started talking to her, and told her that his boss today has asked him again and its very apparent that if his boss does not has his way, he wont select dad. And then he tried to convince mom, saying Its only for one time and no one will know and that its not that bad. Its very common in foreign culture and there is no taboo about it. My mom got angry again but this time very skillfully my dad changed the topic and took it to forign culture and life and how common all these things are there and thats why his boss wanted it, and they also discussed about sex. And then he again came to the topic and said that He loves her and he knows she loves him too, and that it will not affect their love or relationship in any way. And he talked about consequences, about better life and the better life he can give to his children. He continued, saying dont worry no one will ever come to know, as he also wont tell anyone. Also he will come to our house instead of we going out so that no one can see them going or coming. And that he will give me and my brother sleeping pills so that we wont get up till late or in between. And then he explained once again about different cultures and life abroad, about internet and emotionally blackmailed her in various ways to which she finally agreed. And then my dad told her that he will ask his boss to come on Saturday, and will give us sleeping pills with the milk. Then came the Saturday. Mom went to take bath while my dad prepared milk for all of us. Then he got 2 glasses and handed to me and my brother. I intentionally asked him, ” Papa, you are not taking milk to which he said, his glass is in the kitchen and that he is waiting for mom.” I said ok, and then kept my glass on table saying its hot. As i saw my mom coming out after bath, I tasted milk and said their is less sugar in it and went to kitchen to put sugar, as i went i quickly took a glass poured my milk into that glass and then poured the milk in the glasses my father left for himself in the kitchen and then poured the milk with sleeping pills me into that glass. And I came out with the three glasses and handed my dad’s glass which obviously now contained sleeping pills. And we all drank the milk. After 15 min, the medicine started to show its signs and my brother went to sleep. As i also tried to show that I was feeling sleepy, I saw mom brushing her hairs and wearing a gown looking very beautiful. Next my father called his boss and said, Yes Sir Yes Sir. ….Anytime Sir. I will be waiting. Good Night. I pretended to sleep. In just 10 minutes, the boss was their as if waiting desperately for my dad’s call. My dad went and opened the gate and brought him in the flat. As he came my mom appeared from bedroom, looking very tensed and upset. He handed over a bag to her and said go and change, ”I want you in that dress. And nothing from your side, you should only wear what is in this bag, both inside and outside.” My mom pleaded again to him and asked him not to do that, but he just called my father by his name and said look at her. To which my father signalled her to go and change. My father was now showing clear signs of sleepiness now and was lying half slept on sofa, seeing him, his boss exclaimed, ” You have also taken sleeping pills or what? To which he said, ” No Sir and tried to be awake. And then he requested him, ” Sir ! Please be gentle on her. I know you have a big one, Indian women are quite small”, which brightened his eyes and he gave a very wicked smile. My dad’s request had aroused him even more. As my mom came out I was shocked to see her, She was wearing a white salwaar kamiz, which was kind of less than her size, which made it fit tightly on her and all her figure was being projected from it. The dress was so tight that one easily see the designs of the inside and the bra she was wearing inside and her two ass cheeks trying to come out of her dress and visibly distinct and showing the path to her anus. Unke boobs, stomach, ass sab kuch dress se ekdum chipka hua tha and the moment you see her you feel like prsessing those soft, firm erect boobs. He shouted again, you didnt hear what I said, ”Nothing from your side, not even inside.” ” And its an order. ” She quietly went inside and came back in about 5 minutes. This time with nothing inside and one can see her breasts pressing against her dress tightly and her nipples clearly visible from inside. He began to stare at her boobs with evil eyes and wicked smile. She looked very sexy, cute and innocent like a lamb ready to be slaughtered. She could not stand his evil eyes and looked down and then towards my dad who had been sleeping on the sofa by now. At this Boss said laughing, ” He is asleep, guess he has taken pills as well and now I can screw you hard. This scared her and she looked at him with fear and surprise in her eyes on what awaited for her. He quickly went to my mom and took both her breasts in his hands and hold them tightly and pressed them. He began to press and squeeze them very hard. She screamed ..aaahhh ..and he approached her lips and kissed her passionately on her lips while holding her tightly through her ass, and kissed like eating away her lips. Mom tried to push him back but could not even move him as the force of this man was too large for her. He tried to put his tongue inside her but she was not opening her mouth, he then pressed her boobs and pinched them, she screamed .. AAHHAA and this made him put his tongue in hers and play with her. He then began to lick her whole face with his tongue making her look very wet and sexy. This continued for 10 mins and this really frightened her. And she requested please be gentle. To which he replied, ” This is only the beginning, I have been really waiting to fuck an Indian beauty like you and have not even fucked a girl in last 2 months because of the work. When i was in college, I used to fuck my girl friend daily. The volcano is ready to errupt now.” He then lifter her and took her into the bathroom and made her stand under the shower while he watched her. Her white dress now wet and already tight revealed her all insides and her wet body and hairs could have given even an impotent man an erection. Then he lifted her and threw her on the bed and said, ” You are really a Goddess.” Then he started kissing her over all her body and pressed her boobs, and bumps. He then started to remove the buttons of her Kamiz one by one. He then removed it showing her cleavage. Next he removed her lowers leaving her naked now and what a hottie she was looking then. Her slender white body with those boobs sized to perfection, her thighs in proper proportion, her stomach with a layer of fat on it made her look really gorgeous. She felt at unease but couldn’t do anything to hide her body and esteem. He then removed his shirt and trouser and I could see him only in his underwears. And the bulge in them and i was shocked and horrified and so was mom as she looked and it made her left her mouth open in terror and shock. One could only wonder what size was this monster holding inside, and his underwear was now finding it difficult to hold it anymore. It looked as if his dick would tear off his underwear. I could only wonder, ki woh meri maa ka kya haal karega. She just uttered, ” No, I cant take this, you are too big, I will not be able to. ” This made him give another of his crooked smile and said ‘you will have to.” Mom looked at him with pleading eyes and said, ” no, please dont” which he didnt give a damn. And again lied on her kissing her on her neck and then on her boobs. Simultaneously he put his finger inside her hole and began to stroke her. This excited my mom a bit. And after looking at her, he smiled and said, ”You are really tight and small, compared to the women in my country, almost like a virgin. I will love to tear you apart. ” He then inserted his long thick finger inside her and began to stroke her. She began to moan as even his one finger was thick enough for her vagina. He then took his second finger inside and began to stroke vigorously, which gave her pain and pleasure as well. But then he put his 3 finger and began to stroke her with full pleasure. This gave her jitters and she screamed with pain. She held his hand and tried to stop him or atleast decrease the speed, but he took both her hands, sat on her thighs and put her hands beneath his legs. And then returned to his job, making her moan, shout scream, twist and turn, beat her head and everything she could to escape the pain but unsuccessful. He then turned her around and began to kiss her on her back and on her ass. Ocassionally his fingers went inside her ass cheeks as well and he fingur fucked her. But her ass was too tight and it was only with lots of efforts that his finger went inside completely. He was bit gentle this time and simultaneously kissed her neck, back, boobs, while his other hand rubbing her choot. This aroused my mom and she moaned in pleasure with his skillful hands and mouth at work. She finally shouted and came, shooting a stream of liquid out of her cunt. She had an orgasm. She was breathing heavily when the boss said, ” You seem to be enjoying too”. This made her felt embarassed but excited the boss. He was pressing her boobs from behind and kissing her passionately. He then turned her started sucking her tits. He began to bite her boobs and her tits giving her pain. But she was relaxed a bit and she was getting used to being fucked by this sttranger and overcome her fears. He then made her lie on her back and then removed his underwear and came out the Dick. And the dick it was, or a monster for my mom, I could only imagine. Almost 10′ long and atleast 4 inches thick, this one would have given shockers even to porn stars and prostitutes. And my mom, she began to cry, ” I will die. Please let me go. I beg of you. Just go away. She was about to shout when he quickly closed her mouth. And she struggled, struggled to get up and move away from him, trying to run. When he realised her intentions, hold her tightly and brought her close to him. My mom was being prepared for a rape. Meri mom ka balatkaar hone wala tha and a voice of mine asked me to stop, I was frightened to get up and a voice of mine wanted to stay. Watch her being screwed by the Black Monster. The boss then again made her lie on her back and forced himself upon her. He then put his cock at the opening of her vagina and began to enter her. But his thick cock could not do so and slipped away. He again tried and it again slipped. My mom realising what was going on, struggled even more but of no use and could only move her face here and there. She muttered lightly , ” CONDOM” which he reponded by kissing her. He then used his hands to position his dick and force it in, but again no use. She again muttered, and said, ” Use some Oil” He paid no attention and took 2 pillows put it under her ass, which lifted her ass exposing her vagina clearly. Then he hold her and tighltly and again pushed his cock with full force. This time it went in and mom screamed .. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa. It had barely went 2 inched but its thickness was too much for her. He lied on her and kissed her and began to stroke her slowly. He stroked he 2-3 times and the vagina unable to hold the cock, threw it out. He again parted her legs to maximum extent, and forced his dick again. This time with more force and went a litlle more. Mom screamed in unbearable pain, ” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ” She tried to move away from him, and moved a bit backward, and was twisting and turning her body out of pain. He hold her from her thighs and brought her close to him again. And waitied for few seconds before he pushed again and went more deeper almost 5 inches. ” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, naaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aha haa haaa haaa … ooouuch ..oou oou …Mom began to cry and pleaded, ” Please stop. Stop. ” No I will die.” She began to hit him and push him, which even more aroused him. He began to kiss her passionaltely, suck her boobs, bite them, bite her nipples while stroking her. And all the time she was crying, screaming, twisting and turning, trying to adjust to a position that might help her release some of the pain. But no use. He digged his fingers inside her boobs and stretched her nipples making them red while her face also turned red with the assault going on her. He did this for 10 mins while stroking her with half his cock inside her. He then stopped and prepared for the final assault. He directed his penis with his fingers and applied a great thurst and went completely into her. ” Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh …aaaaaaaaaa …noo noo ..haa haa …aaaaaaaaaaaa…Mom began to beat her hands on bed, began to beat him, and then holded him tighlty to get the support and out of pain even slapped him. This both annoyed and aroused him. He was till now stroking her slowly but he now went near to her, hugged her holding her tightly making her hold him too, kissed her passionately and looked at her, and, ” Chataaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk” He slapped her so hard, that the whole room echoed with the sound and his fingers imprinted on her white cheeks and tears kept flowing through her eyes an rolled down to her cheeks. He was growing more violent and more wild. He then began to stroke his penis hard and fast and with full force. He began to take it out more and then thrusted it with a great velocity like a piston in the cylinder. Tears rolling down her eyes, she could ony manage aaaaaaaaaa aaaahhhh and aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. She was sobbing badly with pain. And this guy was not in a mood to stop. He now took out his penis out completely. And then pushed it in again directly, this time just in one go. Her hands holding him embrased her even more tight and the fingers digged her nails inside his flesh as she was not able to hold the pain her body was experiencing and trying to tranfer it. It had been almost 20 minutes he had first entered her, and he was looking to play a long innings. She was now getting used to pain, though just physically and her vagina began to respond. Her tits stiffened and adjusted to the rhythm of him. She had to cum, though the intercourse was still painful and she hardly enjoying it, her body had to respond and she came shouting and screaming. But the guy was no where near climax and continued stroking her. She begged him to stop. But he didnt. How could he before he had satisfied himself. She was getting tired and still sobbing. He continued for another 15 mins and then came vigorously. She tried to take his dick out, and screamed and cried…No No not inside. But the man holded both her hands and grew even more vioelnt biting and stroking her making her scream again. As he climaxed, putting all his fluids inside her and then lied on her panting heavily. While my mom was also breathing heavily after her brutal rape. 5 minutes later he withdrew himself from her and fell on her side. Mom helpless and unable to move began to cry. The white fluid flowing out of her vagina along with blood. Her whole opening was red with blood and she was bleeding badly. The dick was red too with blood on sides and the bed sheet too had many drops. With great efforts mom manged to turn herself sideways and then folded her legs and back towards each other and touched her stomach, It seemed her stomach was paining. The boss got up and went to kitchen and got a botlle of cold water from refrigerator. He drank some water and came to mom, and lifted her helping her to sit. He gave her water to drink. And then again made her lie down, took the rest of cold water and poured it on her vagina. The cold water sent a wave on her and she was startled with that again and he smiled. He lifted her legs and pured water inside her vagina, and the cold water rushed in. Then he hold her in that position for a while and then released her. Mom, unable to speak, gathered all her strenegth and murmured, ” Bathroom” He made her stand on the floor and she peed there itself unable to control. He smiled and his cock began to show erection again. He hugged my mom and began to kiss her. She retaliated and said Enough. But he was ready again. She cried, ”Please not more. I cant. I will die.” But he said, there is whole night left. He then said, ” You are mine till morning, but I will give you some time for Now. Though nothing comes without a price.” She asked what is the price. And he replied, ” Do you want some time or not, whatever the price maybe. She whispered, ”Yes” And lied down on bed. The man opened the fridge and got a banana for himself and began to eat. As he saw my mom sleeping, smiled and took out his cell phone, and called some one and asked, ”Where are you ?? ” ….. Fine I am coming to open the gate … And he went and came with another black man similar built up and told him pointing to my father, This stupid is sleeping since I came here, leaving his wife to be assaulted and raped. They smiled and went to the bedroom. The other went near to my mom and turned her and began to kiss her. She woke up and was horrified to see another man. She shouted no.. no. And somehow managed to get up and run. The boss followed her till the other room and grasped her and she was taken back. She struggled a lot, pleaded, cried, shouted but no one listened. They hold her by her hair and threw her back on bed and then the boss took a chair and sat to watch his friend rape my mom. My mom did everything she could to save her but, she culdnt. She was already naked her boobs red and swolled with bite marks. This man forcfully kissed her and then directly removed his pants and underwears and was about to enter her when my mom kicked him and he fell at the back. He was surprised by her reaction and got annoyed and angry too. She began to run, but the boss was there sitting and he just got up and holded her and waited for his freind and handed my mom again to him. He caught mom by her hairs, looked into her eyes and began to kiss her passionately and violently. He was pulling her hairs while kissing and pinched her boobs and nipples too sometimes. I could hear mom try to come out of his grip and struglle badly in his arms. She was even trying to shout, but her lips locked with the mans she could not. But I could sense she was badly in pain. After a while, she was released by this man and she as a natural reaction fell apart from him, her eyes red with tears, anger, pain, shock..all at the same time. AND her lips were red with blood. He had bitten her on her lips. He then picked her and threw her on the bed and began to rub his cock. This guys’ cock was no less. Almost similar size and thickness. He brought his dick near to her mouth and tried to force it in. My mom refused to take it and closed her mouth tightly. He slapped her again, but still she was not ready to give in. He then began to press her boobs and began to nail them, pinching them, until they were red and swollen and then scratched them with his nails. She was terribly in pain and the only way to avoid was to take that dick in her mouth. She looked at him and gave a nod. He was pleased and went to her and put his dick in her mouth. HE began to fuck her mouth and it was painful for her as she had to open her mouth to full extent and this guy wont allow her to rest for long. He began to choke her mouth by fully inserting his dick inside her mouth and then not allowing her to withdraw. She gagged many times and when he would release she panted heavily like a dog(or a bitch) He then shooted all his load inside her and then forced her mouth close, not allowing her to spit his cum out and she had to swallow all of it. She was disgusted and being tormented and the worst still awaited her. The guy even after ejaculation was erect and turned to her pussy and directed his dick into her already swollen opening. And he rammed her like anything and with great force which made her scream and cry only to arouse him more. After 30 minutes of vigorous ramming he ejected. Her vagina filled with his liquid and overflowing. When he moved himself away from her. I could see her body, red and her boobs swollen, and bite marks on her and now the scratching by nails, some scratches were giving out blood. By this time it was 1, and she had been fucked for almost 2 and half hours by now. The boss came again and put his dick in hr mouth and asked her to suck. She sucked him, gave him a blowjob. Sometimes he would put his whole dick insider her mouth and then would not allow her to withdraw strangling her. He then put her in Doggy style and fucked her. Stroking with very high speed. After that he again put his dick in her motuh and fucked her in her mouth. And fianlly released all his fluid in her mouth. She almost got choked with that. The other guy was hard again and ready and came back and began to fuck her. She was made to sit on his lap as he pushed his lap, then in doggie position. After 15 minuted, he took out his dick and began to stroke it with his hands and came on her mouth and hairs. My mom was now looking like a pornstar with her hairs all messed up filled with cum, face tired and sticky with the 2 black’s fluids, and nude lying on her bed. It was 3 in the morning and they decided to give her some rest. They chatted for a while my mom slept. And then again went to her and woke her up. She was being prepared for the final assault and the boss got the cream and took a lot of it in his hands and began to put it in her ass. My mom shouted .. NO NO ..You cant do this. They tied her mouth with a cloth and made her sit in Doggy style. Then they began the foreplay and began to insert their fingers one by one in her ass and vagina. They were preparing to anal fuck my mom. Woh meri maa ki gand maarne ki taiyyari kar rahe the. Pehle usne apni ek ungli li aur ma ki gand me daal ke andar bahar karne laga. It was her first time in her ass i guess, she began to jump and moan with pain or maybe pleasure. He then stroked her with his fingers and she began to scream. He then put his second finger which was very difficult to put. Mom’s face grew red and no way her ass could even take 2 fingers but he continued to force them and put some more cream in her ass. After playing for a while with hands, he took his cock and brought it to the opening of her vagina. She closed her eyes anticipating the pain. Usne apne lund par bahut saari cream lagayi aur, mom ki gand par rakhke ke dhakka lagaya, lekin uske kala mota lund side me mur gaya. He applied cream on his dick and tried to enter but it was too thick and her anus too tight and it moved sideways. HE then hold both her ass cheeks near to anus with his hands tightly and moved them apart, as far as he could. He got back into position and pushed his dick with great force. And it went 3 inches. Mom screamed …Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh .aaaaaaaaaaa ……..aaauuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..aaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa … choroooooo ..mar gayi .. kutte kamine … aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii … nahiiiiiiiiiiii …And began to beat her hands on the hand and go away from him but his tight hands were holding her. He stroked for a while and then lifted her, kissed her neck and then released and pushed further with great effort. She had began to cry and this only added to her pain and screams. After 5 more minutes, he pushed with a great force and went completely inside her. Her face had grown red by the pain and brutal force and she bited her lips and they began to bleed. She beated her hands badly on the bed, screaming and begging him to leave her. Please, leave me. I am dying, please no. Mujhe chor do…aaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …aaaaaaaahh aaahh aahhh naaaahhhh,,nahhhiiiiiiii …. He continued for another 10 minutes and then took out his dick and shotted his liquid all over her body. Her white back was covered with the sticky liquid and it made her look even more sexier and meant to be screwed and ravaged. His dick was red with blood and her ass was bleeding badly. It had been badly ruptured. As he came out she fell down unable to hold herself, and lied there almost half dead. The other guy had began to stoke his penis with his hands. He was ready too. He helped my mom get up and took her to bath room. As she sat there, unable to control, she passed on stool from her anal opening, while water also flew from her vagina. The guy helped her clean and again lifted her and brought her back on the bed. He began to kiss her and fondle her, putting his hands around her sticky black and hairs, filled with cum. Finally he rested her on 2 pillows with her ass right upto him and he prepared for another anal fuck. He pushed and this time, though the dick went easily, the pain was no less, she screamed, cried and pleaded to take out, to be slow and leave her, but each time he would respond by even more hard pumping. After 40 minutes he was done too and took out his, turned her and shoot all his cum on her breasts and stoamach. She lied almost unconscious, unable to move and her ass continued to bleed. They got some water and poured on her from above which she drank, while most wetted her face and breasts. The boss came to her and kissed her and said, You were really nice and this was the best fuck of my life, I can never forget it or get better than this. The time was already 4:30 and he went out of the room. My mom lied listless gazing at the roof, after 6 hours of fucking looking like a city tormented by storm. I had masturbated almost 9 times till then and slept too. And was woken up at 2 in the day by my dad. And I saw my mom limping as she walked and in her salwaar walking with her feets almost 3 inches apart then usual. Her ass too looked bigger and could see bite marks in the exposed parts of her body. Her boobs too were bigger than usual and she was looking very tired, devastated by what happened but her figure looked even more sexy.
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